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Authentic Pi Water Concentrate • V.O.W. • Vital Organic Water Drops • Pack Of 5

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Vital Organic Water (V.O.W) Drops are the Authentic (Pi) π Water Concentrate technology that encodes water with the information to change ordinary water into a therapeutic, life supporting, anti-aging water.

This product comes direct from the authentic, proprietary Pi technology source.  V.O.W. has the ability to create extremely healing water when added to ordinary water.

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Vital Organic Water (V.O.W) (also known as Pi π Water) is a highly refined concentrate of this special type of water that was initially discovered though studying the blooming phenomenon of plants.

Scientists discovered a substance in plants (which was originally thought to be florigen) while researching the process of how flowers bloom that was a critical part of the flowering process. That substance was the vital or essence water within the plant itself that contained infinitesimal amounts of the iron ion (ferric-ferrous salts lipid complex)(Fe2Fe3).

This vital water was shown to not only support all the life processes of an organism, but it also showed to counteract the effects of aging and entropy. This water existed in a high energy state and had been repeatedly shown to enhance the energy in the human body as well as to grow strong plants faster and healthier.

In their research and experimentation, they were able to extract these ferric ferrous ion elements (Fe2Fe3) and frequencies and concentrate them into a highly refined water in order to perform more testing and experiments and eventually show with consistency how the PI water positively affects living body systems.

V.O.W. concentrate, which was discovered from the organic water of plants, is said to very closely resemble the original water that was created at the birth of planet earth. It is water that supports all the processes of life and is a major ally in our quest for longevity, health and wellbeing.

V.O.W. was created through a special multi-stage process that extracts infinitesimal ferric-ferrous salts discovered in the organic living water that goes far beyond simply exposing water to π ceramics. This water concentrate, when added to drinking water, is able to transfer the information and pattern of this vital water into the drinking water, creating therapeutically effective water that balances yin and yang in the body and helps the body to overcome disease.

Basic understanding of Pi water theory

At first glance, Vital Organic Water might seem homeopathic in how it affects water molecules.

A homeopathic remedy contains the energetic imprint of a substance and that frequency will affect living tissues and bodily functions depending on what substance was imprinted into water.

V.O.W. is not homeopathic in nature. It is a multi-stage process that infuses ferric-ferrous ions into a water solution, that is then concentrated and stabilized into a concentrate that can then be added to normal water, changing the structure of that water into high energy bio-revitalize water.

V.O.W., through a special process compounds Fe2Fe3 into the carrier water, which becomes increasingly more effective when the quality becomes extremely small (infinitesimal). At an exceedingly small particle size, this Fe2Fe3 becomes an elementary particle, like an electron or a proton, and it acts like a conductor that transmits energy.

There are many ideas and theories on how this Pi phenomenon works, but what is known after a few decades of researching and studying its affects is that when V.O.W. is added to water, it raises the energy potential of the water, creating a water that balances and energizes the body while helping the body to rid itself of toxins.

Benefits of V.O.W.

  • The calcium antagonist properties help to protect healthy cells and normalize unhealthy cells, protecting DNA and the cell replication process. This also benefits the cardiovascular system.
  • Creates very powerful anti-oxidant water (no relation to ORP) that controls the oxidation reduction reaction.
  • Aids in detoxification and removal of waste in the cells and tissues of the body.
  • Increases the immune system and resistance to disease.
  • Increases blood circulation and increases the health of blood vessels 
  • Increases hydration by reducing water cluster size.
  • Creates smooth great tasting water.
  • Inhibits harmful bacteria and viruses 
  • Memorizes and transfers biological information aiding in better cellular communication in the body.
  • Expedites recovery form illness or injury.

Anti-Oxidant Water and Anti-Aging 

Typically we see reference to anti-oxidant water with varying levels of ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) which is measured in Volts or Millivolts.

Water that has a Higher (+) OPR indicates a higher level of oxidizing potential.

Water with a lower ORP (-) indicates that the ions present in the water have the potential to neutralize or reduce the oxidative potential of the water.

Often, electrolysis is the most common method employed to reduce the ORP and also to modify the PH of water (even though you can certainly increase/decrease the PH by adding minerals or other methods that don't directly affect ORP).

V.O.W drops are incredibly unique and used medicinally in several countries throughout Asia for several reasons.

One fascinating aspect is that is has the special capability to control the oxidation reduction reaction within water long term with no relation to ORP.

It also happens to be PH neutral which is excellent for the human body as it is completely balanced.

Drinking high PH water short term can have some medicinal effects, yet drinking high PH water (9+) long term can put the body out of balance.

Imbalanced PH long term can cause lithiasis and kidney issues.

Likewise, water that is too acidic can cause imbalance in the body as well and demineralize the body.

The ideal water PH for humans as a daily water is PH 7-7.5.

Like many aspects of health, balance is key to long term success.

Authentic π water has been shown to be a powerful anti-oxidant and controls oxidation long term as seen in the below images without affecting ORP.


V.O.W. also has shown to keep a fully submerged flower sealed in a plastic bottle from rotting for over 10 years where as this would be impossible with any other water.



These are effects that are only possible with genuine Wonyong PI(π) water

The highly energized state created from the ferric-ferrous lipid complex creates a water that is closest to the organic water found in the human body and plants.



Vital Organic Water has no side effects even if it is consumed excessively or for a long period of time. Different from other waters and processes, V.O.W. water shows an excellent effect on the body regardless of the ambient environment.

Electron Microscopes and Kirlian cameras have also documented the unique effects of WongYong Pi (π) water on the living energy systems.

One interesting phenomenon that happens with Pi water salt crystals is that they turn out pyramid shaped when normal salt crystals are typically square shaped.


Ordinary salt (square crystal)

 Below are Pi (π) Water Crystals




Another interesting phenomena that is unique to V.O.W is the creation of "levitating" icicles.  V.O.W. seems to push energy to the center of the mass of water and upward.


I have spoken with the manufacturer regarding this icicle phenomenon and there are a couple points to take into consideration. 

  1. This was done with the full strength V.O.W, (not V.O.W diluted into normal water as you would experience drinking).
  2. They could replicate this experiment yet it was random that the effects were as dramatic as shown above. 

The reason I mention this is because I have personally run some experiments on this with V.O.W diluted in normal water and noticed that it produced a much milder effect. The difference was that the water did move up and crack the top of the ice cube where it was pushing upwards, but it never created a sharp point of a crystal. There were however observable changes compared to the normal structure water I tested in a side by side comparison.

Immunity and Longevity

Longevity has everything to do with what we can take in and absorb, and what we can metabolize and remove. 

Since water is the mechanism by which all processes in the body function, then the type of water we consume is of critical importance to our health and longevity.

V.O.W. drops have clearly demonstrated its ability to suppress the propagation of harmful bacteria and viruses while being friendly and supportive to the beneficial bacteria of our intestinal track and skin.

It also helps prevent the rotting of the intestines due to undigested or partial digested substances, which keeps inflammation down and supports our cellular tissues, blood, organs and body as a whole.

The activating power of this water is shown to suppress the propagation of  E. coli (o-15) and MRSA.


Since this water is able to enhance how our body codes and communicates information, there are numerous diseases (chronic and acute) that are benefited by daily consumption of V.O.W.

Optimizing digestion and elimination, balancing out inner terrain, and gentle daily detoxification are all a huge benefit to our longevity and wellness strategy.

How To Use V.O.W. Drops

Shen Blossom Recommendations:

We recommended to add approximately 25-30 drops per liter of water and to consume 2 liters minimum a day of this therapeutic water. We find it works best with spring water, yet it is a better option to use after filtering rather than using straight tap water.

If using ionization or vortexing systems, it is best to add to the water after treatments, mineral additions, or any other water influencing protocols.

Mix the V.O.W. in with the water in a counter clockwise direction and let stand for 60-90 seconds before consuming.

You will also notice how it smooths out other beverages and can be added to hot or cold liquids.

Dosage Dilution and Clinical Recommendations:

Vital Organic Water drops are effective at a 1000 times dilution ratio.

For 100cc (approximately 3.38oz) you would use two drops.

For 240ml/8oz use 5-6 drops

  • Average use- Health Maintenance and strengthening  9-40 drops per day (diluted into 1-2 liters)
  • Patient- 30-60 drops per day dilutes into 2-3 liters

Adjustments may be required according to an individuals constitution and symptoms.

Other Uses:

Add a few drops to a spray bottle to apply and heal sun burns and as a moisturizer for body care.

Dilute 40 drops in bath water for a healing soak.

One pack of 5 bottles creates approximately 60 liters of full strength Vital Organic Water (π water).

One box will last 30 days if you drink 2 liters at 25 drops per liter, which is all a person will need for the short and long term benefits.

Additional information

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1 review for Authentic Pi Water Concentrate • V.O.W. • Vital Organic Water Drops • Pack Of 5

  1. Brian Miller

    The VOW water drops seem far more significant than I anticipated. We are fortunate to have a couple nearby springs and I find the VOW dropped into spring water is more hydrating, tastes better (more balanced) and has better mouthfeel. Grateful to those dedicated to bringing these about.

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