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Beauty Jing • Internal/External Herbal Formula


Beauty Jing is a concentrated herbal formula for men and women that helps develop lustrious, glowing skin, vibrant eyes, and an overall radiant glow.

This traditionally prepared sake extract is designed to be applied topically as a soft mask, and also to be taken orally under the tongue to balance the external and internal environments. Used on the face, it can be a spot treatment around the eyes or problem areas, or used as a soft mask for the entire face to nourish, hydrate, mineralize, firm, and beautify. Used internally it strengthens the kidneys, liver, lung, and spleen fortifying and nourishing the jing and clearly expressing your internal vibrance externally. Created with the utmost sensitive skin and sensitivities in mind.



Beauty Jing can be used externally and internally like a traditional herbal extract and is suitable for both men and women alike. This formula is adaptable to all skin types and helps create healthy and radiant skin. 

Its primary role is to be applied as a soft mask for self care or as a spot treatment to pull impurities from the skin for removal.  Taking 5 drops under the tongue after you apply the Beauty Jing soft mask will help increase the communication between the internal and external terrain.

Your body is a living canvas which expresses your daily needs. According to reflexology, all your organs and meridians connect to your face, hands, and feet. So nourishing your face actually nourishes the internal organs and vice versa. Since 65% or so of what you put on your skin absorbs into your body, quality and purity is of most importance. 

Beauty Jing feeds and delivers nutrients and moisture into the cells which helps to condition, protect, illuminate and brighten the skin. This function helps to re-educate the skin's ability to receive moisture from the atmosphere by delivering an essential moisture mineral complex into the cells  which allows your skin to circulate, flex, and properly breathe.

We offer two sizes: 10ml for people who use primarily for facial application, and a 30ml for people who both externally and internally.

A note on Pearl:

Most companies source pre-processed pearl and often those powders contain shell debris and other contaminates. We want to be clear that we source whole pearls for your Beauty Jing. We know of its quality and character before processing and making it bioavailable, rendering it a medical grade pearl. Pearl is loaded with amino acids and minerals which has anti-oxidant benefits as well and an ability to protect DNA, generate cell renewal, promote circulation, center the mind, and calm the spirit. 

Ingredients: Mature, well spirited ginseng (root/berry/leaf), fermented and hydrolyzed pearl, goji berry, schizandra berry, astragalus  

How To Use: 

Externally- Thoroughly wash your face and make sure the skin is clean. Gently steam the face with hot water or a warm, damp towel. Apply 1-2 drops onto your finger tip and massage into your T zones (4 sections of your face). Massage gently into your skin using a small circular motion and cover the surface area of the skin. Wait for 15-20 minutes then rinse off with warm water. Follow up with your moisturizer. 

For spot treatment, you can apply one drop to pimples or around the eyes to reduce signs of aging. For spot treatment you can leave on over night. 

Internally- Take 5 drops under the tongue and hold there for 90 seconds after using as a soft mask or first thing in the morning. This will help with the internal and external communication and harmonize the internal energy. 

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