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Dojosweet Glyconutrient Sweetener


Dojosweet is a very concentrated sweetener that is powerful by the drop. Dojosweet is made from the Dojosan Amachii (Amacha) leaf which is considered an adaptogen and contains a variety of glyconutrients which help to bolster your immune system while sweetening your day.

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Dojosweet is a new kind of sweetener that is derived from the Dojosan Amachii plant which is a cross genus species of the wild Japanese creeping gourd vine and the green tea bush.

These species came together in a rare harmony which allows for the beneficial aspects of both plants to synergize and create a unique nutrient profile within the plant structure, acting as an adaptogen in the body.

If you have ever tasted our 3 year aged dojosan, you have probably noticed how 1-2 leaves will create a really strong and sweet tea.

As we age the tea over a 3 year period, the glyconturients are liberated from the leaf and are present at the surface in higher concentrations. In fact, you can simply grind the tea leaves up and use them as a sweetener as well.

To produce this concentrated extract, we transform the the aged leaf using a proprietary process that allows us to naturally and slowly concentrate the glyconutrients that we then stabilize with our premium grade, hand made sake. We then add a touch of Presence which is a rare varietal of Reishi mushroom.

Dojosweet is a great alternative to stevia with no aftertaste.

Dojosan leaves have been used as a Japnese folk remedy to help maintain healthy circulation and support normal sugar levels in those that may fluctuate low or high.

This adaptogenic sweetener is highly concentrated and can be used in a wide variety of applications.


Ingredients: Dojosan Amachii, organic hand made sake, Seishen Reishi

Recommended Use: Start with a couple drops and work your way up to your desired sweetness requirement. May be used in teas, smoothies, or anywhere a liquid sweetener is needed.





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