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Rewind • Longevity Tonic


Rewind supports the water system of the body which included the kidneys and glands. This daily tonic helps to rewind the clock and support youthful vigor.

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Rewind provides the body with nourishment for the glands of the body that are responsible for hormone health.

The Water - or kidney system of the body is the base or the root of the body that provides energy reserves to any organ that might be running low on Qi, or energy.

When the kidneys are functioning well, a person can overcome fear and obstacles as their courage is and will is strong. The bones are strong and the hair is lustrous. One can more easily take on many projects and more easily recharge their energy.

Rewind contains a unique synergy of ingredients including roots, berries, seeds, mushrooms, and a particularly high grade of deer antler velvet which contains mammalian growth factors that support the regeneration and revitalization of the cells and tissues of the body.

All of these hand selected ingredients are transformed with care and slowly infused into a fermented organic barley syrup which acts like a prebiotic and allows the nutrients in this formula to be absorbed in a way that delivers the nutrients to the brain much more quickly.

Rewind is a way to build up the kidney energy, increase vitality and vigor, and rewind the clock.


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