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Roasted Tea Necks


Your Roasted Tea Necks are an exquisite tea made from the stem material just below where the tea leaves grow. Not to be confused with Kukicha which uses stem material from various part of the plant, the necks have a specific function, flavor, and feel that is warming and satisfying.

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Roasted Tea Necks are one of our favorite specialty teas that we are honored to share with you.

Tea necks are harvested from the tea plant at the base of where the tea laves are harvested from.

Kukitcha teas in comparison are typically harvested from all over the plant and roasted and or oven fired to finish them.

The neck portion which is closer to the leaf has different qualities, flavor profile, and effects in the body.

Besides the varietal type and region that these necks come from, the unique processing of these tea necks is what truly makes it stand out.

The necks are roasted using the radiant heat from stones which imparts a complex flavor and is performed by hand from an artesian who must watch the process closely in order to dial in the roast, making sure not to over roast them. This specific process, that has been passed down family member to family member, requires a feel for the process that commercial machinery cannot replicate. The repetitive practice, dedication to perfecting the roast, and the mindfulness necessary to achieve a quality and grade like this is a rare achievement. 

These tea necks have properties that are similar to some oolong teas which help the body to process heavier foods. The naturally occurring nutrients help to aid in the proper digestion of fats, grains, and vegetables which helps with absorption and healthy weight management.

Roasted tea necks also assist in everything from blood sugar control, detoxification, cardiovascular health, to alkalizing the tissues, and preventing colds and flu amongst other benefits.

You can use your roasted tea necks first thing in the morning or after meals to increase digestion.


How to Use:

Brewing Instructions: Add a small palm full of Roasted Tea Necks into a 300ml teapot or Jade infuser cup . Add 190 degree water and let steep for 3 minutes. You may re-steep at higher temperatures for longer periods and may be steeped until there is no longer flavor or color


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