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Umeboshi Plum Paste 2oz


Umeboshi plum paste is made with fermented plums that are allowed to age in wood barrels and sea salt creating a healing food that supports the liver, blood sugar, bone health, and much more.

Our Umeboshi paste is made using transitional preparations and is very high quality with a intense sour and salty flavor.

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Umeboshi plums have been a staple of Japanese cuisine for centuries. This little fruit with a tart sourness and salty flavor is also known as Japanese plum or Japanese apricot as the ume fruit is closely related to the apricot.

Although this tasty fruit paste is very acidic, it happens to be very alkaline forming in the body and acts as an excellent flavor booster in salad dressings, dips, or applied as a marinade.

Umeboshi paste helps support digestion and liver health so it makes a great addition to a miso broth to wake up the digestion first thing in the morning to stimulate appetite and to help the elimination pathways of the body, supporting the elimination of toxins.

Umeboshi plums also happen to improve and support bone health as well as strengthening the teeth and balance blood sugar.

Our Umeboshi is traditionally prepared, high quality paste that will delight the senses.


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