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Satori is a comprehensive and synergistic blend of 17 medicinal mushrooms, creating a formula that supports a dynamic, high performing immune system.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the fruiting body of an organism that was and is fundamental to the development of the topsoils of the earth, and is essentially responsible for all the plant and animal life as we know it.

The fungal kingdom is a complex network that helps to transport nutrients and water over long distances, as well as break down and recycle dead and decaying matter to be converted into life giving fuel.

Medicinal mushroom fruiting bodies have been used as a food source and in traditional folk medicine since the existence of mankind. They have helped people in many ways - from maintaining warmth as a fire starter, to being boiled and consumed for nutrients and immune system fortification, medicinal mushrooms have been a staple in the lives and longevity of our species.

Warding Off Pathogens

There is a misconception about fungus causing fungal overgrowth in the body. When properly prepared, medicinal mushrooms contain some of the most potent natural anti-fungal properties one can obtain. Fungus in nature is always competing with other strains of fungus to compost decaying material, like a dead tree, for example. Fungus itself has anti-fungal qualities to protect itself from other mold, yeast, and fungus in the environment, and these compounds can be extracted and utilized to fight against mold, yeast, and fungus in the human body.

Certain mushrooms contain anti-viral, anti-microbial properties that work wonders for helping the body ward off pathogens and re-establish proper immune function.

Mushrooms and the Lungs

When it comes to our immune system, the lung system is vitally important. The lungs govern respiration, skin, and the immune system. The lungs provide core energy, or Wei Qi, to the body, which is an essential external defensive immune mechanism that helps to ward off pathogens and external threats.

The lung system of the body is the bodyguard of the other organs, as it acts as an umbrella over the other organs, expanding and contracting, massaging the organs and circulating energy.

The lung and large intestine work together as a yin/yang pair, helping the body to build a robust immune system.

So from a traditional point of view, medicinal mushrooms are like the lungs of the land, just like seaweeds are the lungs of the sea. They both help the planet to respirate and circulate in order to create movement, space, and new material for growth.

Raw mushrooms and Satori capsules

Power of Synergy

Mushrooms have always been known to have a positive effect on the immune system. They help to boost killer T-cells, while modulating and stimulating immune system processes. Different medicinal mushrooms, while being excellent for immune health, can also provide the body with unique benefits that are specific to a particular mushroom.

For example, mushrooms in our Satori formula, like wild hand harvested Cordyceps sinensis, is a powerful tonic for the lungs and kidneys. It has many anti-aging qualities, as well as the ability to reduce fatigue, boost exercise performance, and better utilize oxygen in the body.

Other mushrooms like coriolus contain a protein based polysaccharide that helps the body break down foreign matter and specific cells in the body that need to be removed.

Although the body will derive multiple benefits from single mushroom extracts like purple reishi or Seishen reishi, combining the right mushrooms - in the correct way - will greatly amplify the unique benefits of all the individual mushrooms in the formula.

 Satori Mushroom Capsules in jar

Taking Satori daily will provide you with many benefits, including:

  • Total immune support
  • Improved lung and respiratory function
  • Improved digestion
  • Harmonized nerves for better nerve transmission and mental function
  • Building of stamina and endurance
  • Proper breakdown and elimination of misaligned cells
  • Improved mood
  • Calm and soothe anxiety
  • Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Blood sugar support
  • Hormone balancing support
  • Supplies powerful antioxidants

All Fruiting Bodies

We only use wildcrafted fruiting bodies that were harvested at their peak cycle to obtain maximum nutrient and energetic properties.

We process your mushrooms in-house with different traditional methods based on what the fruiting body requires to retain the most nutrient value, while making the nutrients bioavailable and taking great care to maintain the energetic qualities along the way. This is an important point, as producing this mushroom extract using these specialized traditional preparations is the only way to yield an extract of this quality and efficacy.

Satori is a top grade medicinal mushroom formula that provides you with daily, total immune system support that helps you maintain an adaptive, strong immune system.

Satori jar

Ingredients: Wild cordyceps, coriolus mushroom, matsutake, hoshikake, kabanoanatake (chaga), seishen reishi, purple reishi, hatsudoke, hanaiguchis, bunahiritake, maitake, suehirotake, shiitake, bukuryo, hakumokuji, enoki, yamabushitake, chahoukitakemodoki

Amount per container: There are 90 capsule and 60 capsule options available.

Recommended usage: Take 1-4 caps per day as needed. May be taken as a capsule or opened up into 2-4oz hot water, then inhaled and sipped as a tea.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Muhammad Bilal Lodhi
Broad spectrum formula

Satori 17 is a broad spectrum formula with almost every precious mushroom in it. I believe it is the best mushroom formula in American herbal market.

Muhammad Bilal Lodhi
Most Comprehensive Formula

This is the best mushroom formula I've ever seen. It is broad spectrum with wild mushrooms.

Catherine Schoen
Very High Quality Blend

I have taken mushroom blend formulas daily for years. This is a definite cut above in quality, and can feel the energy from the product immediately. These blends and single mushroom products are top tier. I would recommend Satori as a foundational support product highly.


I haven't been taking Satori for very long so it is difficult to definitely say what it has done- but I do know that all the products on Shen Blossom are quality products made with the best ingredients, highly researched and made with optimum care. In other words "They love you back"- giving your body what it needs in a way that it can understand and use what you are taking.
Becky Palmer