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Based on classical Japanese food therapies, the Root Stem Branch skin care line is traditionally and masterfully prepared. These unique creations are crafted in small batches eith care and respect. Our living nutrient formulas are designed to help support the vibrant communication between internal and external terrain. One unique aspect to our skin care is that these formulas can be applied to all skin types and adapt to individual needs. It is created with the most sensitive skin in mind, including environmental and autoimmune conditions.

Given that there are no preservatives, solvents, coloring, binders, or chemicals added to our body cate, the challence to maintain all living nutrients and their life givingh properties is resolved using time-tested traditional preparations. These preparations allow the plants to express themselves fully (full spectrum), and provide the right conditions for the plants to digest and assimilate, creating amazing new nutrition through fermentation. The Root Stem Branch facial line utilizes whole fruits, flowers, stems, seeds, leaves, barks, semi-precious stones, seaweeds, mushrooms, and herbal extracts to create the finest quality, whole food skin nutrition available anywhere. Just like one's diet, variety is key in obtaining a broad spectrum of nutrients to allow for the full vibrancy of skin cells to be expressed.

Your skin is a living canvas which expresses your daily needs. With Japanese theory, we learn to acknowledge these daily needs through awareness and taking a moment for self care. 

Root Scrub 5 in 1 cleanser 

Uses: Daily Cleanser, Scrub, Exfoliant, Polisher, Mask

Action: Benefits root nutrition, hydrates, smoothes, balances, and cleans. Works to slough off old cells and activates the lymph promoting circulation and increases blood and Qi (energy) movement.

Ingredients: Rice sprouts, aloe, perilla extract oil, silk extracts, land vegetable fibers and extracts. Living fermentation process with plant probiotic/microbial support.

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Root scrub

Stem Dew Deep Moisture Renewal


Uses: Humetic, toner, balancer, sculptor, matt finisher

Action: Benifits stem nutrition, deeply moisturize, tighten, lift and support collagen, activate skin renewal, help balance PH and zone conditions of excess and deficiency, smooth and soften skin.

Ingredients: First response healing using vital fluids that protect damage to plant cell walls: the sap collected from gourds, Japanese cucumbers, vine vegetables, fruits, extracts of seaweed, gold, wild asparagus root, ginseng, honey, flower petals - gravity pulled and suspended after micro-nutrient fermentation process.


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Stem dew

Branch Face Serum 


Uses: Moisture Lock, feed/deliver nutrients, conditioner, protector, illuminator and brightener.

Action: Benefit branch nutrition, helping to lock in dew benefits; deliver and essential moisture mineral complex, allowing your skin to circulate, flex and properly breath. Helps to re-educate the skin's ability to receive moisture from the atmosphere and protect against environmental stresses.

Ingredients: Essential micro and macro nutrients expressed and collected by hand from season to season. Traditionally matured into concentrated serums from: fruits, flowers, seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, semi-precious stones, minerals, mushrooms, probiotics, herbal extracts and essential nutrients.


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Branch serums


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