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Shen Blossom produces traditionally prepared botanical extracts and formulas of a remarkably high quality with a rich depth in character. 

With a deep respect for nature, we are committed to your health by providing some of the most innovative and skillfully crafted herbal extracts and traditional foods that are typically not available to the general public.

Traditional Sake Extracts


We specialize in producing traditionally prepared, Japanese style sake extracts. This specific type of fermented alcohol adds a living quality to your botanical experience and is an optimal way to allow the herbs to mature and become better with time as they age. They provide your body with prebiotic/probiotic elements that nourish your health and longevity. Using time and nature, as well as skills and techniques passed down over many generations, our extracts are something you simply have to taste to appreciate.

Traditional Foods

We believe food is medicine. We hand select premium grade foods for your daily nourishment and wellbeing. All food items are sourced with their healing and nourishing properties in mind and we focus on traditional foods employing traditional preparation methods.


Handcrafted Japanese Body Care


65% of what you put on your skin absorbs into your body. We produce body care that is based on classical Japanese food therapy that has no preservatives, stabilizers, solvents, coloring, binders, or chemicals. This seasonal skin care from simple living nutrition that is handled with care and respect feeds our skin (and body) and nourishes the senses.

Your skin is a living canvas which expresses your daily needs. With Japanese theory, we learn to acknowledge these daily needs through awareness and taking a moment for self care.

Wellness Technology

We select beneficial technology that synergizes perfectly with our botanical offerings to optimize your health, wellness, and longevity. We only choose to offer technology that is proven safe and effective while also being non-invasive and beneficial long term.

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