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Coral Seaweed


Coral seaweed is an incredibly nutrient dense food from the sea that comes in a variety of colors. The white variety that we provide is a bit harder to come by and provides the body with loads of minerals, vitamins, and much more.

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Coral Seaweed has been traditionally used as a food for re-mineralize the body, restoring health and vitality in cases of malnutrition.  Coral seaweed is rich in minerals, sulfated polysacharrides, hyaluronic acid, alginates, pre-biotic fiber, fatty acids, enzymes, and a variety of vitamins.

Although related to Irish moss, we precise coral seaweed to be quite different in its structure and effects in the body.



Example of Irish moss



Example of coral seaweed


Coral seaweed works more on the connective tissue and ligaments and is really great for gut repair. This is especially beneficial for exercise recovery or general anti-aging in regards to regenerating these tissues.

Adding seaweeds into ones diet is one of the best daily foods one can consume for overall health. It provides an array of protective antioxidants, supports hormones, builds the immunes system and brings the gut microbiome into balance, along with supporting blood sugar and healthy weight.


Many components of what makes up the seaweed contributes to the above benefits.


Sulfated Polysacharides: These particular types of sugars provide many benefits across the body, many of which we are not permitted to list on this site. A quick search on the NCBI site lists many of the benefits including anti-viral properties and anti-oxidant capabilities as well as others.

These Sulfated Polysaccharides along with the pre-biotic fibers in whole seaweed help to rebuild the gut and fortify the immune system.


Minerals: The mineral ratios that are found in coral seaweed help to rebuild and nourish the joints, ligaments, and connective tissues.  The benefits long term also extend to building strong bones and teeth.

Minerals like Iodine are critical to proper thyroid and adrenal function and help protect the body against toxic halogens found in the environment. Iodine in and of it self has tremendous value to the body. One could write a whole article on this one mineral alone in regards to its relationship to health.

An important aspect to consider is that iodine is more beneficial (and safe long term) when consumed in its whole food form. Balances with selenium and a variety of other minerals in the proper ratios, the iodine can be absorbed and utilized in a proper way. The trade off is that you need to be consistent with eating seaweeds in order to gain the long term benefits.

You can find concentrated versions of this seaweed in our Potent-C formula if you require higher doses. We synergies this with broad spectrum whole food vitamin C elements to further assist in tissue repair and brain health.


Detox: Seaweeds can help your body rid itself of toxins. It can trap heavy metals with fiber and alginates that absorb and help remove unwanted heavy metals from the intestines and colon. Seaweed also helps to support the liver, aiding in detoxification by providing minerals and enzymes that are necessary for proper liver function.


As a daily food you can use it in soups, smoothies, as well as chopped up into salads.

It is best to keep some hydrated in the refrigerator in a 32oz ball jar for ease of access. In this way you always have some rehydrated and ready to use in a smoothie, miso soup, or salad.



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