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Grow-tein – Total Nutrition Protein


Total Nutrition Protein and Essential Bamboo Chlorophyll Protein are two protein formulas that balance the delivery of high quality, digestible protein. These unique formulas are accompanied with full spectrum nutrient support to strengthen and enhance the organs and digestive systems that are most notably stressed when trying to breakdown and metabolize large quantities of protein. These are the most masterfully formulated, diverse protein powders available anywhere, made with the highest quality ingredients. No flavorings, additives, sweeteners, or isolated synthetic nutrients.



Grow-tein Total Nutrition Protein and Essential Bamboo Chlorophyll Protein are two different nutritive protein formulas that share many commonalities in their direction and function.

At their core, both protein formulas are created with health, performance, and longevity in mind.

Protein absorption can be tricky depending on what substances you are using, how they are prepared, the molecular size of the nutrients, and the net effect that the synergy of the nutrients has on the body.

For us to create a truly outstanding protein blend, we had to address a variety of key factors effectively to create a protein powder that not only performs its fundamental structure function, but it also has to give back to the body by strengthening and cleansing the organs responsible for all the stages of protein metabolism and utilization.


Why is Protein Important?


Most structural components of the cells in our body are made up of proteins and virtually all actions that that cell carries out are completed with the help of proteins.

Proteins are the building blocks of what our bodies are made up of.

Different proteins have different structures and come from many sources in nature.

Protein is responsible for:

  • Healthy aging
  • The building and repair of tissue in the body
  • Increasing muscle mass and strength
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Increasing fat burning
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Expediting workout recovery

The Shen Blossom Difference

Our Grow-tein powders are plant based and we carefully process them to maintain maximum nutrient retention while concentrating the protein structures in their original form. The proteins contain all their minerals and co-factors that give them a nutritional edge.

Both of these formulas are concentrated whole food. You will notice a major difference in the consistency, flavor, and effect compared to chalky, over processed, plant based protein powders.

These two formulas are a combination of organic whole foods and herbal concentrates that deliver easily digestible, absorbable protein, while also strengthening the digestive processes and organ systems that are responsible for breaking down protein and utilizing it.

This unique function makes this an anti-aging protein so the kidneys, liver, blood, and GI track is not burdened in the same way as it would be with taking large amounts of isolated proteins.

Grow-tein burns really clean in the body and gives a diverse amount of nutrients. It is beneficial regardless of one's dietary preferences.

These are the most complete performance and anti-aging protein formulas available.

Did we mention they also taste great?

Overview of Grow-tein

Essential Chlorophyll Protein is an essential, baseline formula. This is great for anyone who wants to supplement their diet with a very high quality, nutrient dense, whole food protein that is easily absorbable and contains all the original micronutrients and co-factors.

Ingredients: Organic pumpkin seed protein concentraite, bamboo leaf chlorophyll, chickweed, longevity spinach (gynura procumbens/ashitaba), Shen Blossom rice sprouts, sprouted soba seed powder.

Recommended Dose: For basic maintenance, take one serving two times daily before or after exercise. Athletes use as desired.

Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon

Grams of Protein Per Serving: 9g

Servings Per Container: Approx 35

200g per bag


Total Nutrition Protein is our most advanced protein nutritional supplement. This formula contains a diverse amount of protein sources and herbs for those who are looking for top tier athletic performance and anti-aging.

Ingredients: Bamboo pith and leaf, pinion nut, plantain, nettles, beets top and root, kaiso, chlorella, spirulina, nashi saboten, aloe, pear tops, pumpkin seed concentrate, sesame seed, quinoa seed, hempseed, tomago seed, adzuki sprout, dandelion leaf and flower, organic alfalfa sprout, sprouted job's tears, brazil nut, gaba brown rice sprout, licorice root, sigiri berry, gobo root and leaf, gotu kola, basil seed, daikon leaf, lotus leaf, arugula, apple pectin, kuroba, chick weed, purselane, yellow dock, dakadami, kudzu leaf and root, watercress

Recommended Dose: For basic maintenance take one to two servings before or after exercise. Athletes may use as needed.

Serving size: 2 Teaspoons

Protein per serving: 16g

Servings Per Container: Approx 37

240g per bag



Note: Although some use this protein as a meal replacement when needed, we recommend maintaining a well rounded diet and factoring in the protein content of your diet when gauging how much Grow-tein to consume for athletic purposes.

Due to the fact that these powders are very concentrated and nutrient dense, we recommend starting with the basic doses and work your way up if needed.


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Essential Chlorophyll Protein, Total Nutrition Protein


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