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Prime • Digestion Activator


Prime Digestion Activator is a powdered herbal formula that strengthens and activates all the digestive processes and organs in a completely different way than digestive enzymes or bitters.

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Digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food we eat and the herbs we take is of utmost importance to our overall health.

Prime is a digestive formula that works to support the entire digestive system while also strengthening the digestive organs with daily use. Rather than simply stimulating the digestive organs to function, this formula of carefully selected botanicals works to stimulate, strengthen, protect, and nourish the salivary glands, stomach, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder.



This formula not only helps to prime your digestive fire and aid in your absorption of nutrients, it also helps with:

  • Gas and bloating
  • Heartburn and indigestion
  • Production of hydrochloric acid
  • Encouraging regular bowel movements


Prime also helps detox the liver gently on a daily basis. When you taste the bitter components on your tongue, a signal is sent through the vagus nerve to the liver, waking it up and stimulating the production of cholecystokinin. This stimulates the gallbladder to contract, smoothing out digestion.

Our complex formula is not only bitter, (in-fact most who try it are surprised by how good it tastes) it contains all the 5 flavors which support the other organs that are not involved directly with digestion and absorption.

Digestion, transformation, and circulation of the foods we eat helps us to live longer, regulate metabolism, balance blood sugar, and to create healthy blood which nourishes our cells leading to beauty from the inside out.

Since food is your medicine, it is helpful to honor the practice of eating by limiting distractions while eating. It is not only what you eat that is important but how you eat and how you treat meal times.

Sit quietly while eating instead of standing. Focus on chewing your food well. Try not to eat on the go while driving or while you are working on mental tasks.

It is also important to eat as clean as possible, local, seasonally and mindfully. Eating smaller portions more frequently (as long as there is enough time for digestion to reset) will help with metabolism and absorption.


Ingredients: Perilla leaf, dill seed and tips, kombu, kaiso, spirulina, carrot flower, ginger, japanese pepper, clove, nutmeg seed, parsley leaf, tomago leaf, cinnamon bark, cardamom seed, turmeric leaf and root, tulsi basil, celery seed, fennel seed, gon cao, shio, fenugreek, papaya seed


How to use: Tap out a small amount of Prime into the palm of your hand and consume before or after meals. It may be used before and after the meal if one is working to improve digestive strength.



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