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Wild Purple Reishi Extract • Private Reserve


Part of our Private Reserve Rare Herbs and Formulas line, this Wild Purple Reishi is a true gem and an instant favorite for both connoisseurs and herbalists alike.

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Our Private Reserve Wild Purple Reishi Extract is one of the most highly prized and unique mushrooms in the Ganoderma family.

This unique mushroom is a great protector on many levels.

  • It bolsters our immune system to help us stay healthy and to ward off illness,
  • Fortifying and relaxing the mind, it protects us from extreme emotions that harm the organs and spirit.
  • It protects the circulatory and cardiovascular system.
  • Our Wild Purple Reishi protects the liver from toxins and helps smooth out the Qi in the body, leading to a more calm and collected attitude over time.

This particular variety supports spiritual consciousness and awareness, encouraging self reflection and meditation.

It is our great honor to house and share this rare gift from nature.

Ingredients: Wild, full spirited, whole purple reishi mushroom fruiting body, premium grade sake

Volume: 15 ml

Use: Take 15 drops under the tongue as needed.



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