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Schizandra Pure – Schisandra Extract – Organic – 30ml

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American Grown - American Manufactured - Certified Organic

The world's most highly regarded tonic herbal adaptogen just got better!

Our American Schizandra Extract represents a new standard in quality, purity, flavor, and potency!

We approached this liquid extract in a completely unique way and have created a liquid extract that effectively supports:

  • Inflammation
  • Liver detoxification and purification
  • Increased intracellular glutathione levels
  • Protection from extremes of hot and cold
  • Anti-aging at the cellular level
  • Mental clarity and energy
  • Digestion
  • Hydration
  • Beauty
  • Circulation
  • Physiochemical adaptation
  • Hormones
  • Immune system
  • Wake and sleep patterns
  • Homeostasis

Simplify with Schizandra

When it comes to adaptogens, Schizandra ranks at the top of the list. Many master herbalists agree that if they had to choose one herb with the maximum amount of benefits that would support and nourish their body and "cover all the bases" schizandra would be the one.

Why is American grown and produced better?

Simple. Our schizandra enjoys higher quality soil, a clean growing environment, and is hand-harvested.  Our Berries are grown to the highest organic+ standards and are manufactured with care and attention.

Our Proprietary 3-Step Process

Step 1 :  Proprietary Infrared Drying Technique

This certified organic process dries the whole berry pulp into a crystallized form using various frequencies of infrared energy. This maximizes and protects the nutrients as the water is wicked away from the raw material.

Step 2: Dual Extract Into Purified Water and Certified Organic Cane Alcohol

This process extracts the water soluble and alcohol soluble fractions of schizandra and makes them bioavailable for ease of absorption.

Step 3: Infusion

This last step infuses the raw berry powder back into the mother tincture and is stirred daily to maximize the surface area. It is then pressed many times before being bottled.

This extract contains the highly valuable lignans (fibers) that are often filtered out or not present in other liquid extracts. This gives our extract a full spectrum therapeutic value and helps protect the extract during transit and storage.

We go the extra distance to make sure our schizandra performs to the highest levels and assists you in reaching your health and wellness goals.

Our dual extract contains all the water and alcohol soluble fractions of the fruit and seed. Since the cell wall is cracked through the extraction process, all the nutrients are released and made available, making it a breeze for the body to digest and absorb all the life supporting and energizing qualities of schizandra berry.

Then we take it further.....

We believe in preserving the vibrancy and the potency of our herbs and we realize that most of the extracts (powder or liquid) are  highly processed to achieve amazing concentration levels of the product.

Sounds good right?

Interestingly, when an herb is over processed, it loses key co-factors that reduces cellular resonance in the body. Simply put, the body does not recognize it in the same way as if all the nutrients, flavors, and co-factors are present in the correct ratio.

Our extract contains micronized particles of the fruit and seed. This means that it contains the powerful lignans that have been shown to support healthy inflammation and liver health.

Nature organizes everything together in a specific way. If we work with nature, and process our herbs in a way that is gentle and protective of the herb, then we achieve outstanding results. We create an extract that is powerful by the drop and energizes all the organ systems just as the classic herbal texts teach.

Since our liquid extract contains all the 5 flavors (sour, salt, bitter, pungent, sweet), it tonifies all the systems in the body aiding as a whole body adaptogen.


Dosage and recommendations:

Dose: 15 drops = 500 mg full spectrum schizandra (1000mg/ml)

Full dose - Use 15 drops under tongue or in warm water/juice 1-2 times daily.

Start with less and work your way up to a full dose.

Doses per container: 30-60 depending on frequency of use

Ingredients: 100% certified organic American schizandra berry extract 1:1 proprietary extract

Other Ingredients: Certified organic cane alcohol (alcohol 22% by volume)

Contraindications: Do not consume this schizandra product if pregnant or breast feeding. Do not consume if experiencing acute symptoms such as a cold or flu.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

Additional information

Weight 3.0 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 4.25 in

12 reviews for Schizandra Pure – Schisandra Extract – Organic – 30ml

  1. Adrian (verified owner)

    Okay, so I began my first of 15 drops today and the immediate onset is calmness. Also, the small things that normally are an irritation has been reduced to manageable moments. I need this since one I serve in the Armed Forces and raising an 11 and 3 year olds. My wife and mother-in-law (wonderful humans that they are) introduced me to this round of herb and so far awesome. Thank you ShenBlossom for your level of commitment. I will continue to review this product and I am certain ratings will go five stars. : )

  2. ann (verified owner)

    Schizandra extract is stronger than most herbal remedies and I mistakenly started right out with the double daily dose – way too much. Had to back it off and wished I’d paid attention to their instructions to work up slowly.
    It has made me feel stronger mentally, emotionally and certainly physically with a super return of muscle tone which had begun to slow. Also, swishing it about in my mouth has strengthen my teeth wonderfully. I seem to be breathing more deeply and my eyes are definitely getting more oxygen.
    This is an outstanding product – a little goes a long way.

  3. Jessica

    Recently started using this but will be ordering more soon as I don’t want to run out! The taste is pure–just like the Schizandra berry. If you’ve ever munched on a Schizandra berry you know what I mean–bitter and sweet all at the same time. There is no noticeable alcohol taste (normally obvious in so many other tinctures.) I don’t know how they managed to make the flavor shine, but job well done, Shen Blossom.

  4. Dave Rhymes (verified owner)

    Amazing product… I wouldn’t expect anything less from Brandon and American Schizandra but still this is an excellent and true representation of a highly quality grown product . Totally worth the price…

  5. Chris Patterson

    Just finished my first bottle of Schizandra extract and I’m very impressed! I’ve tried many tonic herbs and Schizandra is one of my very favorites. Its one of the most balanced that I can think of and something everyone should be taking. In today’s world we’re constantly stressed and under attack from environmental toxins so we need adaptogens and liver support now more than ever. One of the main effects that I’ve noticed with the Schizandra is increased energy and mental sharpness. Its a great kidney jing tonic, so that translates to real sustained energy that is unlike any ‘coffee buzz’. To me, the energy feels calm and powerful and when I take it I feel like I just turned on the light switch in my brain. It also seems to increase libido/sexual energy where I’ve noticed being more frisky in bed. My girlfriend loves this Schizandra and has been really beneficial to us in many ways;) There’s a reason why the top Chinese herbalists in the world routinely put all of their clients on Schizandra for their first 100 days.
    I really appreciate Brandon’s attention to quality with this product. From raw material source, extraction, to packaging this is really a clean product. There’s a lot of marketing dollars and crappy products in the natural supplements industry so you really have to search to find the high-quality stuff. I can say that I’ve done an extensive amount of searching and I couldn’t find a better quality product than this one. Thank you.

  6. Joan W

    I was a little skeptical of schizandra extract and started my first bottle after a friend recommended it. Wow! What can I say? I feel so alert and have increased clarity when I’m working now. I look forward to the increased benefits as I use this product. Also, super easy and fast delivery of the product. I will definately buy this again.

  7. Vicki K

    I first found out about Schizandra from a friend I’ve come to know at a health store near my home. I had, had special blood test that go way beyond normal blood tests called “SpectraCell” and the results showed many things but one big concern was low Glutathione, being it is your master antioxidant. I first started out with the powder form and am now taking the liquid extract. It has helped me in many ways including the low levels of Glutathione. My skin is the clearest it has ever been; I was also just beginning to have different problems with my hormones and I now no longer have hot flashes and honestly feel more level in my mind even during very stressful times when I’ve felt much worse in the past and didn’t handle it as well as I have this time around while taking Schizandra. In this life we all go through struggles and have stress and this was very much a positive for me. I would also like to thank Brandon for developing this American made organic Schizandra and for being truly caring and wanting to help and make a difference for others and our world. I hope my testimonial will help others.

  8. Jay Steeple

    When Brandon and Natalie came out to visit us in San Diego, they were raving about Schizandra and all the benefits of taking it. They were so excited about it, so I thought heck it’s Brandon he always has good stuff so I decided to give it a try. I started to take Schizandrea everyday – a dropperful in the morning and one at night. When I started I weighed 227 lbs which I have weighed for about 5 years – after the first week of taking Schizandra, I noticed that my energy increased and I had lost 5 pounds without changing my diet! Within 6 weeks of starting, I dropped 27 pounds! As of today, I have lost a total of 34 lbs, and the amazing part is that I didn’t change my diet or changed my exercise routine! I ordered 8 more bottles! AND….you have to read my wife’s testimonial, her name is Eliza – it’s an added benefit that I didn’t expect and would be weird for me to write, so I let her write it. Thank you Brandon for an extraordinary product!

  9. Eliza Steeple (verified owner)

    This is Eliza – I am adding to my husband Jay’s review. I started noticing a change in my husbands erections about 3 weeks into his experience with taking Schizandra. He was noticeably bigger and harder, so much so that I asked him if he was taking something that he didn’t tell me about. He said he wasn’t taking anything but Schizandra and then we both realized at that moment that one of the benefits that Brandon mentioned was heightened arousal. We weren’t really looking for that to happen, so we were both surprised and pleased with this added bonus! :-). Thank you Brandon!

  10. Vicki K (verified owner)

    I previously left a testimonial and gave a five star rating and things just continue to improve for me. I had mentioned my skin being clearer than ever and now its honestly like going back in time. I was starting to notice that my cheeks were not as full and slightly sunk in under my cheek bones, which they say happens as we age, and now its like it’s restructuring my face, bringing it back to a more youthful look. I am honestly amazed by this and so much more, as mentioned before. Also I have trouble with motion sickness when in the car or on a boat…winding, hilly roads and whatnot and I didn’t even realize it but about a month or two ago my husband said, after a trip up north to a friends cottage and out on the boat…”Do you realize you haven’t gotten nauseous the last few car or boat trips”, which always seem to lead to a headache. It hit me that he was right and then I remembered reading that the Schizandra can also help with that and had just forgotten that, that was one of the possible benefits. With all the harmful things we have against us, from what they add to our tap water, to the things are foods are packaged in, to the GMO’s, pesticides, antibiotics that are in our foods and so much more that harm us inside and out…I want to tell the world about Schizandra and the truly amazing difference it has made. Thank you again Brandon.

  11. David Drimmel

    Incredible product. For one, Brandon knows his stuff and this is a wonderful connection and source for Schizandra. The extraction is very potent. After using it for a couple weeks, I start noticing my sex drive and testosterone going up, energy levels more equal throughout the day, and my recovery from exercise is 10x better. My skin, among other things, is probably the most noticeable long term effect of using this product. I’m about to order more because I’m almost out. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  12. koarokeby2017 (verified owner)

    I feel more clarity, focus and energy when I use this but not like coffee which can give me jitters. I really like that it is organic and grown here in the USA. I use about half the recommended dose. Thanks for putting out a great product. The bottle is dark and opaque making it difficult/ impossible to see when you are getting low though. Great stuff.

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