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The intoxicating aroma of jasmine leaves is a classic scent many love when they sit down to enjoy a hot cup of green tea infused with these beautiful flowers.

Many jasmine teas on the market use an extract or a fragrance of the jasmine flower. They are not produced using time, patience, and skill, creating a depth or quality of flavor using traditional techniques.

Our Japanese green tea ages real wild-crafted jasmine flowers and wild-crafted yellow chrysanthemum flowers for ten years, for an absolutely robust flavor and aroma, while also providing the body with multiple benefits. Upon first glance, the steeped tea has a golden yellow glow, demonstrating just how much chrysanthemum and jasmine is in the green tea.

Cup of brewed Chrysanthemum and Jasmine Green Tea

Chrysanthemum and Jasmine Health Benefits

Both chrysanthemum flowers and jasmine flowers have a long history of use in cross-culture herbal medicine.

They both are:

  • Antioxidant
  • Immune Boosting
  • Cardio/Heart Supportive
  • Fever Supportive
  • Blood Sugar Supportive
  • Liver Supportive
  • Cold and Flu Supportive

Brewing Chrysanthemum and Jasmine Green Tea

Chrysanthemum in particular is very cooling and calming. It contains multiple B vitamins, vitamin C, and bone strengthening minerals.

It is known to improve respiratory conditions, promote detoxification, support eye and vision health, and boost overall energy.

Chrysanthemum supports liver and lung health and pairs well with high quality green tea.

Chrysanthemum and Jasmine Green Tea being brewed

Jasmine is very cooling for liver and kidney heat, and like chrysanthemum, it supports cardio/heart health, immune function, blood sugar and circulation.

Jasmine happens to be a great mood enhancer and is also great for headaches, fever, and overcoming cold and flu symptoms.

Both of these herbs infused into a top grade Japanese green tea is a rare treat that is hard to find anywhere else.

Pouring Chrysanthemum and Jasmine Green Tea into cup

Green Tea

Green tea is a historic tonic that is known to fortify, uplift, and protect the brain. It strengthens immune function and is an excellent source of antioxidants and polyphenols, which protect the cells of the body and the skin.

With all the Japanese teas we offer (Gen Mai, Chosan, Kabu Ise, Arame, etc.) from this prefecture, they are not only organic and single origin source, they are also harvested and processed so all the leaves in each bag come from the same tree. Often, suppliers are aggregating tea leaves from many different trees from different locations that are observed, graded, and segregated into different batches based on desired qualities.

Plants are similar to the human body in that they continually self regulate to keep themselves strong and healthy. They do this by pulling nutrients from the soil and selectively allocating what part of the tree (root, limbs, stems, leaves) are to receive the nourishment in order to keep the tree strong and healthy as a whole. By drinking tea made with leaves from the same tree, you are obtaining a more well rounded nutrient profile that yields a completely different tea drinking experience than you may be accustomed to.

Green tea, when produced in this fashion also contains significant amounts the amino acid L-Theanine. L-Theanine helps relax the body and mind which in turn sharpens concentration, improves alertness, and really helps to boost the mood.

 Unbrewed Chrysanthemum and Jasmine Green Tea leaves

Ingredients: Japanese green tea, wild yellow chrysanthemum flowers, wild jasmine flowers

Amount Per Bag: 30g

 Tea Tray with tea pot, tea cup and  Chrysanthemum and Jasmine Green Tea


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Tony DeLuca
Flower Goodness

This is some of the highest quality scented Teas ever! Lovely floral fragrances! You can really smell the Jasmine and the Chrysanthemum about equally as well! Great cold-brewed too! Treasure right here.