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Tree resins have long been used in traditional and folk medicines in Ayurveda, ancient Egyptian healing, and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Tree resin is not the same as sap, which is more watery and does not have the thick tacky consistency of resin.

Resin, which is sometimes also called pitch or tree pitch, is a natural secretion that coniferous trees produce as they age that protects the tree against infections and pests.

Aka Hinoki is a combination of tree resins that act as a potent blood purifier. It detoxifies the blood, glands, and tissues of the body more powerfully than any of our other formulas to date.

Bottle of Aka Hinoki

Aka Hinoki has many benefits other than cleansing and blood purification, including:

  • Anti-parasitic action
  • Immune boosting
  • Blood sugar support
  • Total body strength
  • Nitric oxide production

From a traditional perspective, pine trees mend soil and harmonize, or ground, heaven to earth.

This formula combines hinoki resin, black and red matu resin, nyuko (frankincense), and pine which synergistically detoxifies, and strengthens the body and mind.

How to use

We recommend taking one drop a day initially to get your body accustomed to this powerful extract.

We provide a separate pipette and recommend that you keep your Aka Hinoki sealed with the cap it came with, to make sure to protect the oil and the pipette itself.

We provide an oversized pipette, as it is important that you do not store your pipette in the bottle. This is because the potency of the resins in the bottle will degrade the strong rubber components of the pipette.

Only use the pipette to administer the Aka Hinoki dose, and then put the remainder of what is left in the pipette back into the container, sealing it with the original lid that it came with.

When you administer your first drop, hold the oil under your tongue and breathe deeply for a couple minutes. This will help to circulate the resin as it crosses the blood brain barrier and goes to work deep inside your body.

Do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and follow it with 8oz of pure, structured water.

You may increase your dosage to 2-3 drops, 2x a day, but please make sure to never exceed 6-7 drops per day total.

We also highly recommend that you pair this oil with our Para/Microbe Mountain Detox formula for deeper cleansing.

Bottles of Aka Hinoki and Mountain Detox

Ingredients: Hinoki resin, red and black matsu resin, frankincense

Volume: 5ml

WARNING: This is not to be taken by pregnant women or women looking to become pregnant.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Aka Hinoki is my absolute go-to product for so many issues, especially spike-protein related ones. They seem to particularly effect my lungs and when that happens (primarily at night when I'm lying down) I take literally one drop and the issues are gone. Aka Hinoki is not cheap and the bottle is tiny, but one drop a day goes a long way. Like so many others have said here, I drop it under my tongue (and as long as the top of my tongue doesn't touch it the taste doesn't bother me at all), let it sit for a few moments, then drink water. And since I'm taking it to fight lung issues, I try to breath in the fragrance while it's in my mouth. Re the price: My naturopath who recommended Hinoki has a sign in her office: "The only expensive products are the ones that don't work." This works.

Trust & True Quality From Shen Blossom

I recently ordered the aka hinoki and the mountain detox after hearing of, reading, listening to videos and research done regarding spike proteins, (some call it "s" proteins), that are or can be transmitted or shedding from those who are vaccinated and there is much information stating that we can protect ourselves from this by making Pine Needle Tea. I have not found anywhere this type of tea can be purchased, although you can make it yourself and I then thought to check with Shen Blossom, knowing they have very powerful, unique products. The aka hinoki has pine needle resin and if I understand correctly, it is more powerful than making the tea. They say this can be paired with the Mountain Detox but I also learned that children or small dogs can not have the aka hinoki, although they can have the mountain detox, so I purchased both. I did feel a bit of detox from these products the first days...feelings of being tired that I don't normally feel and a few other things but nothing too difficult to deal with and for me this is a positive that it is making a difference. I hope my review helps others.

Garrett Leyva
One word- powerful!

I use this together with the mountain detox to add effectiveness. The first time you use this product, it's a kick in the pants for sure. More than a taste, it's like a whole body feeling, but you know it's working right away. Feels like it's doing some deep cleaning, without a harsh die-off reaction.


Effective anti-parasitic formula! You can really start to feel the potency when letting it sit under the tongue

Jameson Siudut
.:{ Clean + Pure }:.

Like the glacier waters of thee Himalayas, now your blood can be just as clean and strong. Incredibley grounding, deeply nourishing and life force enhancing. Doubles as an amazing perfume , a dab behind the ears and anoint the crown of the head, a joyous and wonderful ride thru the ethers and back home again.