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Arise is a unique blend of herbs that help men reclaim their youthfulness and vigor.

Crafted using traditional preparation methods, the direction of this formula not only supports performance in regards to hormones, kidneys, and sexual function, it also address issues that come with natural aging. This includes prostate health and circulation, emotional balance, sleep and recovery.

Instead of trying to pump up hormone levels which the body may or may not be ready to utilize, we address the body as a whole and create the proper conditions that allow the naturally occurring hormonal factors to work optimally. This has a net effect that is yet to be seen in other herbal or synthetic supplements in this category.

Arise also addresses common issues that effect ED (erectile dysfunction), like blood sugar, circulation, and kidney energy.

Arise supports:

  • Athletic performance
  • Sexual health in both men and women
  • Prostate health
  • Hormone health
  • Blood sugar
  • Emotional balance
  • Deep sleep
  • Physical recovery

This liquid is not a traditional sake extract.

We use a different liquid solution which has a high organic sulfur content (an aspect of our Green MSM process) that makes cell membranes more permeable and flexible. This helps to drive nutrients into the body while also naturally preserving all the diverse nutrients, without using alcohol.

This formula is also unique in the sense that it is not extremely hot and drying like many single herbs or formulas with hormone based plant botanicals.

We use a traditional fermentation process on the wild yam that liberates many of the beneficial hormone related compounds, and we balance them with a variety of herbs that nurture the yang, yet is balanced and helps with the communication between all the organ systems, especially the kidneys and lungs.

Recommended Uses: Take 1 full dropper, 2 times daily for basic maintenance.

You may take 2 full droppers 30 minutes before love making.

Ingredients: Fermented yam root, Japanese climbing fern and spore, amber resin, smilax root, rosemary bark, dandelion, parsley, ashwagandha, garlic scapes, chive scapes, sage, shiso seed, cumin seed, pyrrosia leaf, saw palmetto berry, phellodendron bark, plantain seed, gardenia, Japanese water plantain root, achyranthes root, Sakara cherry, pyrrosia, wild asparagus root.

Volume: 50 ml



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Amazing Experience with Arise

I have been taking arise for a few weeks and already notice differences in quality and duration. I really like to hold it under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. I enjoy the taste and find the packaging has a sleek and premium feel to it.
Would highly recommend it as this is something that I will be using in my consistent libido-boosting regiment.