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Our Black Bamboo Vinegar is high grade vinegar that is prepared using traditional Japanese methods.

The barrel that the bamboo vinegar is aged in is lined with a bit of black garlic, which imparts the slight sweet notes to the vinegar as it matures.

Dropper with Black Bamboo Vinegar inside

Bamboo Vinegar and Health

High quality bamboo vinegar that is properly prepared helps the body and lymph to neutralize gases in the GI tract and to alkalize the body.

Vinegar helps the stomach acids to perform more effectively, which assists in better breakdown of food in the GI tract. This allows the digestive system to work with more ease, resulting in better bowel health.

Black Bamboo Vinegar helps to support liver health and detoxification, while also supporting the production of bile salts, further aiding digestive function. This supports good cholesterol levels when used with a healthy lifestyle and food choices.

Bottle of Black Bamboo Vinegar

Topical Uses

Applied directly or diluted in a spray bottle with water, Black Bamboo Vinegar can be used topically to ease the stinging of insect bites and sunburns.

Being a useful item in the kitchen and in the medicine cabinet, Black Bamboo Vinegar can also help to clean small wounds and encourage beneficial bacteria growth if there is nothing else handy.

It also helps to reduce swelling when used in a compress and can be used internally or externally for swollen joints or bruising.


Benefits of Black Bamboo Vinegar Include:

  • Improved digestion and assimilation
  • Liver support
  • Support acid/alkaline balance
  • Beneficial bacteria balance
  • Detoxification
  • Cholesterol balance
  • Improve stomach function
  • Support and produce bile acids
  • Topical ease of sunburn and inspect bites
  • Support for joint swelling and bruising


How to Use:

Black Bamboo Vinegar can be used as a gourmet culinary vinegar or as a dietary supplement.


Supplement Use:

To help ease digestion or soothe an upset stomach, take 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon straight, or in 3-4oz of purified warm water. You may add a pinch of Japanese ginger powder with the version diluted in water to help many digestive issues.

You may also use a few drops under the tongue with a pinch of salt to help rebalance hydration and electrolytes.

A few drops under the tongue daily is a good general tonic use.


Culinary use:

Use in place of where you would normally use vinegar, like in salads, sautés, and marinades.


Topical Use:

Apply directly to the skin to relieve stings or insect bite irritation. The vinegar can also be diluted in a bit of water in a spray bottle and misted onto the skin for sunburn or general skin healing.

You may also add to a compress for swelling or bruising.

Ingredients: Pure Black Bamboo Vinegar (special grade)

Volume per Container: 50ml


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent taste

i think this may be my favorite Shen Blossom product. It has a very unique flavor. and i like to put a few drops in my hand, and pat it on my clean face. and drops in my mouth. or on a small salad, just a few drops. It is amazing. =)

Allison Moore

I'm not usually a vinegar aficianado. However, I love this Black Bamboo vinegar. In the morning, I put a couple of drops under my tongue before making a cup of miso/umeboshi soup. My energy has been better, and my body has been feeling more settled since I started this routine a few of months ago.