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This proprietary herbal blend helps to support all the organs and pathways responsible for elimination in the body.

This tea formula can be used as a stand-alone tea to help encourage a sluggish system, or it may be used in conjunction with a more comprehensive cleansing system.

The herbs in this formula are not only effective at stimulating the body to remove toxins and move stagnation in the elimination pathways, it also has an enjoyable taste.

This tea supports your:

Liver- The liver metabolizes food, filters toxins, and converts food into substances that the body requires in all parts of the body. The liver is one of the largest and most vital organs. Detox tea helps the liver become stronger and more efficient by activating the phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification pathways. The liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi through the body. The continual, smooth flow of Qi through the body is critical for health, as when Qi flow is blocked in the body, imbalances and disease patterns can take place. Spring time is an especially important time to cleanse your liver and give it a little extra love and attention.

Lungs- The lungs are one of the most active organs and are responsible for delivering oxygen to the entire body. The lungs also act as a filter, removing dust and particles from the air we breathe. The lungs are responsible for physical vitality, and are said to govern the Qi in the body. The lung is the boundary between the internal and external environment, and a well cared for lung system manifests a strong immune system and robust vitality.

Skin- The skin is like an outer lung, and can be viewed as the door of Qi. Like the lung, the skin also breathes and exchanges substances with the outer environment. Just underneath the skin, the protective energy known as Wei Qi is said to circulate. Wei Qi helps to protect us against pathogenic elements. Rebounding, infrared sauna therapy, and skin brushing are all very good adjuncts when drinking the detox tea, in order to help the skin to breathe and to sweat out toxins.

Colon- The colon (large intestine) is the organ that is paired with the lungs, and together they work as a team. The lungs inspire us, and the colon helps us to let go of old waste. In order to maintain good health, we must make sure the colon is removing waste and working properly. Cleansing the colon may also help us to emotionally let go of things that we are unnecessarily holding onto.

Lymphatic System- The lymphatic system is an amazing and complex system consisting of glands, lymph nodes and vessels, thymus, spleen, and tonsils. Detox tea helps to move the lymph, but also moving, stretching and drinking lots of pure water are all very important in keeping the lymphatic system moving.

Blood- The blood is essential to delivering nutrients to the organs, tissues and meridians. If the blood is sufficiently rich in oxygen and nutrients, then the organs and tissues will function normally and one will notice a glow in the skin, nails, hair, cheeks, and eyes. Detox tea helps support all the organ systems to purify and cleanse the the blood in a gentle and effective way.

Kidneys- The kidneys and bladder are vital in their role of eliminating toxins from the body. Detox tea helps to cleanse the kidney and bladder, while simultaneously strengthening and supporting the kidney system. This is done in a gentle way, as to not overstimulate the kidneys with strong diuretics, which can create an imbalance long term.

How to use your Detox Tea

Bring water to a boil and steep 1 teaspoon of detox tea in 4-6oz of hot water.

Let steep for 4-5 minutes, strain and enjoy.

You may steep the tea 3-4 for times and even boil the tea after 3 steeping to get the most out of the tea.

Make sure you drink plenty of water and get fresh air after drinking your tea. Stretching and going on walks is also encouraged.


A proprietary tea blend including (in no particular order): ginger, hibiscus, schizandra, orange peel, tangerine peel, cardamom, Japanese mint, jasmine, elderberries, currant, olive leaf, cinnamon bark, cloves, longan, chrysanthemum, young honeysuckle buds, uva ursi, rosemary leaf stem, juniper berries, pu gong ying, violets, burdock root, nettle leaf, bamboo leaf and pith rings, horsetail, ajowan seed, parsely root, tulsi

50g of Detox Tea in package


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

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Love this Tea! Great for daily use. Mild cleansing!