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One of three formulas in our element series, Earth/Metal formula helps to strengthen the mental, emotional and physical aspects related to the lung and spleen systems of the body.

Earth/Metal is your first line of defense, helping the body bring energy to the surface to mount immune responses to protect the body and mind from foreign invasion, while supporting and digesting foreign matter.

Made with high quality, vibrant ingredients, this formula is easily recognized and absorbed by the body.

In this 3 formula master element series, the Earth/Metal represents the mind aspect of the mind (Earth/Metal) body (Fire/Water) and spirit (Wood).

Bottle of Earth/Metal


From a classical perspective, the earth element grants us the ability to fully realize mother nature - that which supports and sustains all things - by learning to support ourselves. Earth gives us the ability to nurture ourselves and others.

When the earth element is balanced, it reflects as strong digestion and immunity, as the spleen is governed by the earth element. With digestion being strengthened, the body can build strong muscles, and a sharp and focused mind. The spleen being happy and balanced lends to not only being more organized and careful in how one behaves, it also lends to creativity.

Many people tend to be imbalanced in this particular element, so it is important to work to balance this element on a daily basis.

On the physical level, the earth element correlates with the spleen and stomach, which help us to digest and transform the food and drinks we consume. When we worry too much or overthink things chronically, this can impede digestion and food assimilation whereas when the earth element is in balance, the digestion will be strong, the mind will be grounded and you will feel nurtured with obsessive behavior subsiding.


The metal element gives us a sense of quality and value, as metal in people tends to seek perfection and expertise. If the earth element is "mother" earth then metal would represent "father" sky, as metal correlates with air. Metal helps us to let go and to clear out old negativity and worry. Metal also helps us to let go of rigid belief systems, past disappointments, and helps to support the ability to change and release expectations that no longer serve us.

Just as a metal (like gold and silver) gives value to the earth, the metal element helps give us a sense of value, purpose, and self-worth.

On a physical level, the metal element correlates with the lungs and large intestines, and physically helps the body to let go of waste and buildup in the system. The lung, large intestine, and colon all work together as a team, which takes in pure energy (breath) and eliminates waste.

If you take a look at the lungs, they look like an umbrella that shelters the other organs below.

When the lungs fill up with fluid or become blocked, this restricts the expansion and contraction that is the basis of movement that allows the rest of the body to breathe and circulate energy. This causes stagnation and impedes many important processes in the body.

The lungs provides core energy or wei qi to the body, which is an essential external defensive immune mechanism.

The lungs, along with all the other diaphragms of the body, balance moisture content, and are tools to harmonize the earth element.

The lungs massage the organs, allow for the movement of digested earth out of the body, and to move moisture through the tissues.

Earth/Metal inside jar

Synergy of Earth/Metal

The lungs are the first organ that is typically affected by the external environment and exterior pathogens.

The lungs also include the skin, which are both associated with the Wei Qi (defensive chi or immune chi). When the lungs are strong, they will start to circulate Wei Qi to the skin, and will act as a first line of defense against external pathogens.

The spleen is a major source of qi and blood, which directly affects the immune system. It not only takes in nutrients from the stomach (like the lung takes in air), it transforms the nutrients, then transports (lifts upward) them to the lung where the lungs and the heart take over to generate qi and blood. This can provide more immune energy.

The synergy of the two elemental formulas combined provide the body with:

  • Improved energy
  • Improved immune function
  • Strong digestion support
  • Clarity of thought and focus
  • Feelings of being grounded and centered
  • Anxiety and worry support
  • Increased strength and musculature
  • Improved endurance

Earth/Metal combines earth and sky to help support your immunity, energize the mind and shift the body into greater balance.

5 Elements • 3 Formulas • One Balanced Body

Wood- Liver support, releasing emotion and smoothing out energy, digestion and metabolism, detoxification, flexibility and supporting change

Fire Water- Hormones, bones, reproduction, circulation, will power, profound well-being, mental clarity

Earth/Metal- Immune function, digestion, respiration, strength and musculature, endurance, improved energy

Ingredients: Astragulus root, zhi bei mu, schizandra berry, platycodon root, chao zhi mu, licorice root, mulberry root bark and leaf, chan pi, perilla fruit, shi quan da bu tang formula, amachii young leaf and stem, lions mane, fu ling, rosemary leaf, sigiri berry, pomegranate fruit and seed, pine needle bark, he shou wu, amachii tea, wild grape seed, white lady ginseng, ashwagandha root.

Product Weight: 50g in 100 ml jar

Directions: Take 1/4 teaspoon 2-3 times daily. We recommend for most people to add this powder to warm/hot water and drink it like a tea. You may take it straight and chase it with water, but you will be able to experience more instantaneous effects by drinking it as a hot tea.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Patrick Hodge
Subtle, building tonic formula - Middle Jiao

I had to write a review for this product despite having limited experience using Deer Antler products. I have noticed a subtle steadying of the emotions combined with a feeling that only be described as increased capacity for love and understanding - wanting to connect with others - the latter being the reason for this review - very profound. The physical effects include strengthening of the body and increased endurance, but in a non-stimulatory way. This is all with just a few drops allowed to absorb under the tongue.

Ian Russell
Middle Jiao

Great natural and clean source of HGH without consuming or injecting a bunch of different synthetic peptides. Another one of the presumably, many, unique and above the curve products Shen Blossom produces.

Mark Fazzolari

Love the herbal combinations found in the Earth-Metal formula.
Super earthy, grounding, and balancing!