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In Chinese medicine, the 5 Elements aren't just physical structures or organs in the body, they are complex systems that involve aspects of the mind, emotions and the physical body.

Each organ correlates with and is uniquely connected to a particular body tissue, sound, taste, emotion, climate, and direction.

Your Wood formula is crafted to fully support all the above aspects connected to the wood element.

Wood helps us to maintain our flexibility and ability to adapt and renew ourselves in our ever-changing environment.

The wood element is connected to the liver and gallbladder, and is related to the spring time. This formula helps to regulate and smooth out the energy of the body, helping us to soften one's rigid ways.

Element Series - Wood

Supporting the Liver

Much like branches of a tree, the liver's nature is to move upward and outward. The liver serves over 500 different functions in the body, and regulates the energy of the entire body. Cultivating liver health is vitally essential to your health, supporting the other 4 organ systems.

Releasing Emotions and Smoothing Out Energy

The liver is all about flowing smoothly. Wherever there is excess or deficiency, it is the liver's job to smooth things out and create balance. If the energy of the liver is impaired, it can lead to stagnation. Wood formula helps support liver function, which keeps the blood from becoming sluggish. If Qi and blood become sluggish over time, this can set the stage for more serious health concerns down the road.

Wood helps the liver to regulate the energy in the body, and also helps to balance our emotional thermostat. It is natural to experience a range of emotions in daily life, yet emotions send powerful signals to the body, which can affect the bodily systems in a number of ways. It is important to let one's emotions go and cultivate a daily practice of peace, which helps make the liver happy and work more efficiently.


The regulating and smoothing function of the liver extends out to the digestive functions of the body. If the liver is happy and flowing well, digestion is easy and the stomach has the energy it needs to digest the food you eat.

As the Spring (wood) prepares us for Summer (fire/earth), the liver function enables the spleen (earth) to transform the food we eat into Qi, and make blood to nourish and sustain the entire body.

Wood formula is a simple daily tonic that strengthens the wood element over time, giving you compounding benefits when taken consistently.

Wood, Fire, Earth element illustration

5 Elements • 3 Formulas • One Balanced Body


Wood- Liver support, releasing emotion and smoothing out energy, digestion and metabolism, detoxification, flexibility and supporting change.


Fire Water- Hormones, bones, reproduction, circulation, will power, profound well being, mental clarity


Earth/Metal- Immune function, digestion, respiration, strength and musculature, endurance, improved energy.

Ingredients (in no particular order): Young and aged ginger root, turmeric, Japanese peppermint, Japanese peppers, licorice root, chosan tea, fennel seed, black cumin seed, schizandra berry, chai hu, basil seed/stock/root, dandelion root and leaf, nettle leaf, Japanese artichoke stem/leaf/seed, bamboo leaf/nodule ring, cardamom, clove.

Suggested use: Take 1/4 teaspoon on the tongue 1-2 times daily

Each bottle contains 50g


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