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Fire and Water - Two opposing energies carefully and masterfully combined in this dynamic Element Series formula.

Too much of either element can lead to imbalance or inhibiting of the other. When perfectly combined, fire and water produce powerful effects in the mind and body, supporting:

  • Strong joints and bones
  • Mental clarity
  • Balanced hormone health
  • Circulation
  • Will power and determination
  • Feelings of contentment or happiness
  • Reproductive health
  • Profound well-being, security, and contentment

Fire Water powder in jar

The kidneys, like the great ocean, are dark, vast, and seemingly infinite in depth and potential. Endlessly moving without shape or edges, the kidneys' energy continually billows a salty and moist atmosphere. The kidneys are the strength to power all life. Just as all of life on earth originated in the dark, blue, salty ocean, the kidneys are the root and source of power for the entire body.

Fire is a bright light, like the sun rising, or molten lava rising to the surface of the earth to meet with the ocean. This light elucidates the boundary between that which is observing and that which is being observed. Fire allows for the awareness or consciousness through which water's potential can be realized. Fire allows for the expression of water by illuminating it in such a way that gives it form and structure in order to be recognized, defined, and perceived.

Lava pouring into the sea

When lava rises to the earth's surface and flows into the depths of the cold dark ocean, the mixing of the two elements brings new life and energy to the entire planet. This is a perfect example of nature demonstrating the constructive actions of combining opposing elements.

As the lava descends and cools in the ocean, it expands, creating the foundation for life to grow by providing stability and structure.

The interplay between the kidney and the heart have long been understood from a TCM perspective.

Drawing depicting fire and water as yin and yang

The heart governs blood, whereas the kidneys govern the storage of essence. The blood and essence are both important elements within the body, as they form the essential substances for maintaining life activities.

The important thing to understand is that kidney essence can transform into blood, and blood can transform into essence. Our spirit, which defines our individuality, is the manifestation of our essence. So when we look at shen and heart, it is not only influenced by our mind or mental functions, but also heavily influenced by the governing energy of the kidneys.

When the dynamic energy of water and fire is in balance, it creates an energetic, constant suspension or levitational energy, which embodies the feeling of being able to achieve anything.

Consuming Fire/Water with consistency helps bring these two organ systems into balance, which shifts uncertainty and instability into profound well being where connection to source is evident.

This balance will also help the will, and give strength and inspiration to writing the script of your life.

Element Series

Element Series drawing

5 Elements • 3 Formulas • One Balanced Body

Wood- Liver support, releasing emotion and smoothing out energy, digestion and metabolism, detoxification, flexibility and supporting change

Fire Water- Hormones, bones, reproduction, circulation, will power, profound wellbeing, mental clarity

Earth Metal- Immune function, digestion, respiration, strength and musculature, endurance, improved energy


Ingredients: Dragon Bone, Dan Shen, Shu Di Huang, Ye Jiao Tang, Lui Zi, Red Reishi, Schizandra Berry, Yi Mu Cao, Licorice Root, Zhi Mu, Huang Lian, Sha Ren, Sigiri Berry, Lemon Seed Cured, Nettle Seed, Chanca Piedra, Dojosan Tea, Aije Leaf, Crab Apple Skin, Japanese Honeysuckle, Uva Ursi, Turkey Tail Mushroom, Wild Cordyceps, Da Fu Pi

Directions: Take 1/4 teaspoon in hot water 2 times daily. May be taken directly in the mouth chased with water, or for best results drink in hot water, as a tea.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jennifer V
Libido booster

I started taking this because I could use some help with everything that it claims to help you with; hormones, heart/circulation and mental clarity. I have taken half the bottle so far and I have noticed a HUGE jump in my libido which I was not expecting at all. I haven't noticed much with anything mental but I'm completely sold on it for what it's done so far. It does taste strong but goes well in coffee. I usually just heat up a bit of warm water, stir it in and chug.

Charles Small
Too strong

Literally gives me a heartache and have to avoid sexual encounters, exact opposite of what I wanted.