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The Photon Genie and GoGenie were created by the Ed Skilling Institute of Technology, and are designed to devitalize pathogens, detoxify the body, break up blockages, balance the lymph system and fluids in the body, and establish harmonic energy states. It exceeds previous frequency machines dramatically with its comprehensive processing and delivery of life energy to the cells and systems in your body. Photon Genie and GoGenie are advanced and effective vibrational energy machines that are simple, easy, and ready to use out of the box.

GoGenie Energy Device

The GoGenie transmits body friendly harmonic energy. This harmonic energy supports the body's natural innate intelligence for overall wellness. As you use the GoGenie, it promotes balance throughout your body. When the body becomes more balanced, you may sense a broad spectrum of wellness.

This includes experiencing the body's natural ability for regeneration and repair. The energy transmitter boxes can be safely placed anywhere on the body, including specific areas for focused energy support.

GoGenie and charger

It is simple to place them on the body when reading, watching TV, or working at a computer. And now, you do not need to be home to use the GoGenie. The GoGenie is great to travel with in your car, train, airplane, boat, office, hotel room or anywhere with the addition of a 12-volt plugin adapter. Use it anywhere or anytime you feel you need an energy boost.

This is a great system with a smaller footprint than the Photon Genie. The energy emitters on the Photon Genie are exactly the same. For more comprehensive and full spectrum benefits, we recommend looking at the Photon Genie which includes x2 noble gas wands that provide numerous benefits in addition to the what the energy emitters provide.

Hard protective carrying case

Main unit

Two energy transmitter boxes (plugs into main unit)

Power supply 12V (plugs into 110V outlet or adapter for international use)

Total weight approximately 4 pounds including case

GoGenie Case Dimensions (Approx. 11 x 8.5 x 5.0 in.)

GoGenie Carrying Case

PLUG IN ALL THE ATTACHMENTS FIRST POWER CORD: The power cord is a regulator that reduces the 110 volt power from your electrical outlet to 12 volts for the Instrument.

TRAVEL: Purchase a cigarette lighter adapter from an electronics store in order to operate the GoGenie on any 12 volt system, car, RV, etc.

ENERGY TRANSMITTERS (Flat Packs, Boxes): The smaller, black-colored boxes are powerful energy transmitters and are universal. They are controlled by the circuitry inside the main unit and may be plugged in either port on the front of the GoGenie.

LED LIGHTS: On the Flat Packs, the lights indicate power as the GoGenie processes and cycles through energy activities, including thousands of frequencies and billions of harmonics. This advanced proprietary processing of body-friendly energy powers-up and harmonizes energy for the body. Typically, the lights are solid, but also flicker or flash randomly. Both phases are normal.

CLEAN: Periodically, wipe clean the Flat Pack plastic surface with alcohol, soap or peroxide to remove body fluids. Never soak or immerse in water.

How to use


BEGIN: Start using the Flat Packs for twenty minutes. This allows the body to acclimate and re-balance gently. Work up to using the Flat Packs for 1 hour and add time as you are able - up to 24 hours.

EXTENDED: The energy transmitter boxes can be used for extended periods of time on specific areas. We suggest placing the Flat Packs on any specific area that you feel needs to be targeted.

EXAMPLE: Some people place the Flat Packs on old injuries or surgical areas. They may touch the skin directly, but do NOT have to have direct skin contact, because they transmit through clothing, pillows, blankets or bedding materials. A transmitter can even be placed on top of a cast.

SLEEP: Relax with the packs placed on your body for extended hours of vitality and peaceful sleep.

USE: Place the Flat Packs on one or more areas. You may repeat this process a couple of times a day for your first few days. After your first few days, you may increase the sessions and length of time.


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