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Our hand selected Arame Tea is a special and rare tea, produced decades ago in Japan.

Arame Tea does not contain seaweed as the name might suggest, rather the name comes from its likeness to the Arame seaweed, with its long leaf shape and dark color.

Due to its unique processing, Arame Tea has characteristics of black tea, oolong, and pu'erh, yet it is distinctly its own in flavor and feel.

Our Arame Tea has an exquisite flavor profile with a roasted, savory, complex flavor that makes a perfect tea for connoisseurs, and tea enthusiasts alike.

Our tea has been well cared for and has a clean flavor compared to other types of fermented teas.

If you love tea, this is a must-have treasure that was crafted in the old world way.

Due to how clean this tea is, there is no need to "wash" the tea prior to consuming.

Brewing Instructions:

Basic Brew- Heat pure water to 185-200 degrees. Place a small palm full of tea into your teapot and steep the tea for 2-3 minutes. May be re-steeped 3-4 times.

Small Cup Brew- Start with lower temperatures (150 degrees) for the initial steeping using the desired amount of tea. With each steeping, gradually increase the heat and enjoy how the tea unfolds and changes with each cup.

Ingredients: Arame Tea

Weight: 30g


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hui Tian
Love this tea!

This tea is truly special! It is crisp but mild at the same time, with a nice rich fruit/flower fragrance after taste. Wish the bag could be larger because I finished it so quickly.

Tony DeLuca

I'm truly blown away by this Tea! Very unique indeed; it really does have characteristics of different Tea types: Black, Dancong Oolong, Sheng Puerh! It mostly reminds me of Sheng Puerh though, as it's not super oxidized. It does take some practice to brew "just right". There's a lovely fruitiness that comes through early on, and is super intriguing and enjoyable for me! Can be brewed quite bitter, but lots of sweetness and complexity there too. Really worth tasting this...