Japanese Chef Knife 7.5" Gyuto

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Japanese Chef Knife 7.5" Gyuto

When sourcing knives direct from Japan for you, we really wanted to provide a traditional and high quality blade, yet we wanted it not to be so high end or intimidating in regards to the care and maintenance of the blade that it becomes strictly an art piece that is never used.

We wanted to bring you a chefs knife that is functional, beautiful and high quality, while also being something that you can use every day without worry, and is different than what you can typically find online.

Japanese Chef Knife 7.5" Gyuto

Our knives are extremely unique, and no two are exactly alike. Using traditional methods with some modern influences, this marriage of metals and natural materials gave birth to this one-of-a-kind chefs knife.

The root of these blades utilize traditional Japanese steel worked by hand in the traditional way, but with an added twist. The maker incorporates a unique process and formula using a modern approach and infuses precious metals into the final blade that help it resist oxidation far greater than traditional steel.

Japanese Chef Knife 7.5" Gyuto

Some of the areas are more Aogami blue in areas of flexion, where other areas are of higher Shirogami in ridged sections (depending on the blade).

The infusion of precious metals carries a higher degree of seishen, or spirit, which is said to keep the vitality of the food better intact for your nutritional needs.

Japanese Chef Knife 7.5" Gyuto

These blades need to be cared for properly, even though they perform with more integrity and versatility than some comparable knives. Keep in mind there's a correct tool for every job. For example, never use a knife for opening a can or packaging material unless it's made for that, or you're in a survival situation.

Always use proper cutting surfaces, avoiding bones, frozen foods and hard seed pits, etc.

Always hand wash and dry your knife after every use. Keep an eye on the cutting edge and make sure to maintenance, sharpen, and store it properly

Your knife comes in a custom leather case for storage or travel.

Japanese Knife inside case

Please be careful, as your knife will arrive to you very sharp. In accordance with tradition, however, we leave the final edge for you to create and put your energy into your new, razor sharp kitchen tool.

Respect and honor your knives, and they should perform for a very long time.

Japanese knife case


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