Kazumi Seaweed Powder

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Seaweeds are incredibly important foods that provide multiple benefits throughout the body.

Kazumi is a concentrated form of three specific seaweeds that are typically not widely available, and have a unique synergy of benefits when they are combined together.

Fresh seaweeds

In general, consuming seaweeds daily helps:

  • Purify the blood and remove unwanted toxins
  • Remove misaligned cells
  • Contribute to healthy weight loss
  • Healthy immune response
  • Digestion and elimination of buildup in the digestive tract
  • Supports thyroid
  • Supports heart health
  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Provide substantial seaweed nutrition into daily diet without any prep work
  • Provide uncommon seaweed variety with unique nutritional and energetic value
  • Overall anti-aging

Kazumi Seaweed Powder

Lungs of the Sea

From a traditional perspective, seaweeds are considered the lungs of the ocean (their counterpart on land is mushrooms), which helps the ocean respirate, in a sense.

The lung system of the body is the bodyguard of the other organs, as it acts as an umbrella over the other organs, expanding and contracting, massaging the organs and circulating energy.

The lung and large intestine work together as a yin/yang pair, helping the body to build a robust immune system.

As seaweeds move through the digestive tract, alginates (which are compounds found in seaweeds) attract and bind to heavy metals and safely escort them out of the body. This helps to purify the blood, improve digestion, and contribute to overall immune health.

When the lungs fill up with fluid or become blocked, this restricts the expansion and contraction that is the basis of movement that allows the rest of the body to breathe and circulate energy. This causes stagnation and impedes many important processes in the body, including digestion and elimination.

As digestive health improves, so does the health and function of the lungs, and vice versa. As the lungs expand and contract, they massage the heart, and create movement in the various diaphragms through the body.

The lungs provide core energy, or wei qi, to the body, which is an essential external defensive immune mechanism that helps to ward off pathogens and external threats.

Kazumi also provides many trace minerals essential to proper cellular function, including natural forms of iodine, that help support the hormone sensitive glands.


Kazumi Seaweed Powder in bottle

3:1 Seaweed Powder

We recommend consuming this 3:1 powder on an empty stomach or with protein for a synergistic effect (we recommend our Grow-tein powders for best results).

Sprinkling the powder on food not only adds an incredible flavor, but a concentrated and instant dose of easily absorbed nutrition.

Shenblossom Seaweeds

Some key distinctions that make our seaweed powder special are:

  • Processed by hand in small batches
  • Contain the whole plant for the most diverse nutrient profile (not just the inner filet)
  • Synergistic blend of therapeutic seaweeds
  • Unique texture and mouthfeel when consumed alone or with food
  • High integrity processing to retain all bioavailable and heat sensitive nutrients
  • Easy way to get substantial seaweed nutrition into your daily diet
  • Uncommon seaweed variety with unique nutritional and energetic value

Ingredients: Reishi of the Sea, Purple Slug Seaweed, Ha No Katto Mekabu


Kazumi Seaweed Powder in capsules


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