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This bundle is formulated for men who are wanting to achieve optimal health. It consists of our Root Ginseng Extract, Arise, Muscle Root Balm, and the Grow-tein Total Nutrition Protein Powder.

The Root Ginseng Extract has been observed to improve memory and has powerful neuroprotective, apoptotic, and anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It stimulates and boosts the immune system fortifying your first line of defense against stress and immune collapse. Ginseng supports heart health. It is anti-hypertensive, and jelps to regulate and strengthen normal cardio function and can help to reduce stress that directly affects heart communication and vitality. It also provides protection for healthy cells by protecting them from oxidative stress, thus improving overall DNA communication. Properly prepared and extracted ginseng like ours also balances and regenerates hormones and increases androgen levels and is a premium anti-aging tonic.

Dosage: Place 8-10 drops under your tongue for 60-90 seconds. Due to the special handling and extraction your root undergoes, you will require far less quantity to obtain desirable results than are typically recommended by companies who over process their herbs. 

Servings per bottle: Approximately 45 

Ingredients: Full spectrum traditional sake extract of authentic, mature, untamed, full spirited ginseng root

Waking up your Root: Ginseng does not like to be vigorously shaken so when waking your Root, gently roll the bottle in a vortex motion between the palms of your hands. 

Please keep the black cap provided if you choose to store your root long term. It is best not to keep the pipet in the ginseng when stored for long periods of time due to the slight amount of oxygen that becomes trapped inside. If consuming the root daily, you may keep the pipet in the bottle.


Shen Blossom's Karashi Muscle Root Balm is perfect for athletes, martial artists, and yoga practitioners. It soothes strained muscles, tendons, bruises, sprains, as well as aches, pains, and soreness. It has excellent glide which works well for massage therapists and body workers.

Contains 2 ounces of balm.

How to use: Simply massage your Muscle Root Balm anywhere you feel soreness while avoiding eye contact.


Arise is a unique blend of herbs that helps men reclaim their youthfulness and vigor. 

Instead of trying to pump up hormone levels which the body may or may not be ready to utilize, we address the body as a whole and create the proper conditions that allow the naturally occurring hormonal factors to work optimally. This has a net effect that are yet to be seen in other herbal or synthetic supplements in this category.

Arise also addresses common issues that effect ED (erectile dysfunction) like blood sugar, circulation, and kidney energy.

Arise supports:

  • Athletic performance
  • Sexual health in both men and women
  • Prostate health
  • Hormone health
  • Blood sugar
  • Emotional balance
  • Deep sleep
  • Physical recovery 

Recommended Uses: Take 1 full dropper, 2 times daily for basic maintenance.

You may take 2 full droppers 30 minutes before love making.

Ingredients: Fermented yam root, Japanese climbing fern and spore, amber resin, smilax root, rosemary bark, dandelion, parsley, ashwagandha, garlic scapes, chive scapes, sage, shiso seed, cumin seed, pyrrosia leaf, saw palmetto berry, phellodendron bark, plantain seed, gardenia, Japanese water plantain root, achyranthes root, Sakara cherry, pyrrosia, wild asparagus root.

Volume: 50 ml

Grow-tein Total Nutrition Protein Powder balances the delivery of high quality, digestible protein. It supplies full spectrum nutrient support to strengthen and enhance the organs and digestive systems that are most notable stressed when trying to breakdown and metabolize large quantities of protein. This is a masterfully formulated, diverse protein powder made with the highest quality ingredients. There are no flavorings, additives, sweeteners, or isolated synthetic nutrients of any kind.

This is our most advanced protein nutritional supplement. This formula contains a diverse amount of protein sources and herbs for those who are looking for top tier athletic performance and anti-aging.

Ingredients: Bamboo pith and leaf, pinion nut, plantain, nettles, beets top and root, kaiso, chlorella, spirulina, nashi saboten, aloe, pear tops, pumpkin seed concentrate, sesame seed, quinoa seed, hempseed, tomago seed, adzuki sprout, dandelion leaf and flower, organic alfalfa sprout, sprouted job's tears, brazil nut, gaba brown rice sprout, licorice root, sigiri berry, gobo root and leaf, gotu kola, basil seed, daikon leaf, lotus leaf, arugula, apple pectin, kuroba, chick weed, purselane, yellow dock, dakadami, kudzu leaf and root, watercress

Recommended Dose: For basic maintenance take one to two servings before or after exercise. Athletes may use as needed.

Serving size: 2 Teaspoons

Protein per serving: 16g

Note: Although some use this protein as a meal replacement when needed, we recommend maintaining a well rounded diet and factoring in the protein content of your diet when gauging how much Grow-tein to consume for athletic purposes.

Due to the fact that these powders are very concentrated and nutrient dense, we recommend starting with the basic doses and work your way up if needed.


Servings Per Container: Approx 37

240g per bag


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

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