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Midnight Minerals provides a nightly brain reset resulting in new neural connections, deeper and more restful sleep, hormone balance, and neurotransmitter optimization.

All of our organ systems require ample energy daily to keep the body healthy. The mind, in particular the left brain, for many people is hyperactive every day as we process loads of information and have many tasks that require our attention.

The mind tends to be greedy and uses up much of the free energy the body has to work with, draining the vital force from the entire body.

Midnight Minerals bottle

Returning the Mind to the Heart

The brain and heart/lung are all connected to the kidney in a fundamental way, and can be seen though a traditional lens of being three aspects of kidney energy. It is well known that we have neurotransmitters not only in the brain, but also in the gut and the heart.

When people talk about neurotransmitters in the gut, like having a "gut feeling", or "gut instinct", this is directly connected with the kidney, as the gastrointestinal tract is a direct extension of and comes from the kidneys. When people dwell on the past, whether it be what happened or what could have been, energy is depleted from the kidney area.

The brain tends to be active in the future - contemplating one's next move, planning for the future, and analyzing all possible outcomes. The mind/consciousness/brain complex uses up vital minerals that results in drying out or dehydrating the brain and body.

This constant focus on the past or the future is depleting.

The present moment is where the shen resides, in the heart. The mind/consciousness needs to make its way to the heart at night to heal. The lung and the heart hold the mind in a suspended position to reset and heal the mind and the body.

Midnight Minerals are essential for holding hydrogen and moisture in the cells, as well as facilitating an acid/base equilibrium and supporting energy metabolism.

Again, the overuse of the mind is akin to draining the kidneys and life force from the body. It affects the adrenals and hormones, which can affect your quality of sleep and overall aging process.

Midnight minerals is a unique formulation of moon phase shen herbs that returns the mind to the heart. When the brain doesn't have the nutrients it requires, it will constantly search the body for them, taking those elements from other parts of the body. This can effect the ability to go to sleep or reach a deep level of REM sleep.

Midnight Minerals helps to:

  • Develop new neural net connections
  • Hydrate and mineralize the brain
  • Bring balance to the adrenals and hormones
  • Achieve a deep restful sleep
  • Wake up feeling refreshed and alert
  • Fuel the brain
  • Reset the brain

Midnight Minerals in open bottle

With Midnight Minerals, the mind no longer has to search for mineral surplus from a stressful day. The mind can have what it needs to return to the heart for renewal and regeneration.

How to Take: Take 1/4 teaspoon before bed and follow with pure water.

Amount Per Container: 25g

Servings Per Container: 35

Ingredients: Nobu barley greens, long gu, bamboo silica and chlorophyll, Japanese violet, Japanese mallow, mango leaf, guava leaf, kudzu vine, Japanese silk tree bark, fu nori seaweed, holy basil, amino acids from fermented adzuki bean, geranium flower, goji berry seed, burdock seed, plantain, banana peel, Japanese plum, lions mane, lotus stem


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Connie Snider
Sleeps like a baby

My husband has been an insomniac for many years, which has taken a HUGE toll on his quality of life. He has several chronic illnesses, including a heart condition, thyroid issues, leaky gut, etc., and he is only in his 40's! And we have no doubt that his constant lack of sleep has been a contributor to all these issues. Recently, he even started showing signs of dissociation, where his mood / personality changes, and then he doesn't even remember what happened while he was in this state. He is basically sleep walking! Again, these are all signs of sleep deprivation. He has steered away from traditional sleep medicines due to the bad side effects. He already has enough side effects from all his other Western medicines, but that's a whole other story. He's tried some natural remedies, but they didn't do much. Through divine intervention, we decided to order this product. The first night he took it, he slept like a baby, and he slept through the night, which he hasn't done in years. I even stayed up to observe his sleeping and it was so restful. He normally snores very loudly and has nightmares, but on this product, his snoring was very quiet and he had normal dreams. A few times, he did not take this powder before bed, and he noticed a HUGE difference in his sleep. We've learned that he needs to lie down right after he takes this powder because he starts to get sleepy pretty quickly. This product has had such a positive impact on my husband and the dynamic of our entire family. Thank you SO much!!!

Zaakiya Cuellar
This little jar of powder is MAGIC!!!

This stuff does what the description says it does!!! I have had significant improvements in my sleep!!! Within 15 to 20 minutes of taking this powder I am immensely relaxed and then I fall into a very deep and restful sleep!!! When I wake up in the morning I am well rested and have tons of energy!!! And my cognitive function is sharp as a tack in the morning!!! 10/10 will buy again!!!

David Drimmel
Significant Improvements in Deep Sleep

The first night I started taking it my deep sleep improved significantly, and I average about 30% of deep sleep per night because of it. As such, I purchased two more bottles. Great stuff!

Gentle and effective!

I've struggled with insomnia for many years. I've tried many herbs for this and some worked and some didn't but sometimes the strong ones would make me groggy the next day. This product is both gentle and effective. I feel like it's helping with some mineral balances over time as well as the immediate effects as I'm sleeping better over time.

Aaron Thompson
Gentle and effective!

I've had issues with insomnia for many years(still trying to solve the core issues that have caused it). I've tried just about every herbal remedy there is. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't and sometimes they are so strong they leave me groggy the next day. This formula is both gentle and effective. I think it's gradually addressing some of the mineral imbalances that cause the insomnia as I'm sleeping better over time.