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Our gold noni honey is from beehives in a remote noni tree grove in Hawaii. It is a tasty honey that is great in culinary applications, or directly on a spoon.

Aside from culinary uses, our noni honey is great for first aid!

Quality organic raw honey has a high enzyme content, antiviral activity and naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide, plus the moisture which helps seal and hydrate the wound and create new tissue. Raw honey is an indispensable item for both your first aid kit and medicine cabinet.

It can be used immediately after cleaning a fresh wound, or even in place of water as a cleansing agent, after the wound has bled a little bit. The initial purpose of the blood that comes from a fresh wound is to wash out bacteria and debris, but its vitally important second purpose is to turn into new tissue, so it's good to allow it to do that. Coating the area with raw honey will create a moisturizing seal that will allow the tissue to begin regenerating immediately. Ideally put a bandage on top of the honey to hold it there, then replace the honey and bandage several times daily until the healing process is well underway.

We have personally experienced wounds healing astonishingly quickly just using raw honey!

Also, raw honey is fantastic for helping the body recover from illness, and soothe the throat and mucous membranes. Add a spoonful to a warm medicinal tea for an immune boost, a soothing effect and a quick relief of symptoms.

All of the above is true of any well-sourced, single origin raw honey, and our high grade Hawaiian Noni honey is one of the best quality and most healthful honeys we know of!


THINGS TO NOTE: Our noni honey is direct from the farm. There will be variances in the thickness and color of the honey. Sometimes it will be more yellow, very thick and crystalline, and other times it will be a deep amber and smooth in texture. Enjoy these variances. The noni honey is beneficial to the body in all of the ways it presents itself.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

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This is a repurchase this honey 🍯 is bomb 💣 worthy of every penny


Exxcellent taste and quality - worth the extra cost