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Pearl Mouth Rinse refreshes and rejuvenates your teeth and gums, and is used as a finishing stage of our tooth care system.

Loaded with bioavailable minerals, amino acids, and bacterial balancing elements, this rinse helps support the structural integrity of the gums and teeth by strengthening the enamel. It increases circulation to the gums, kills bad bacteria while maintaining the beneficial bacteria levels, and encourages the repair of tissues in the mouth.


Proprietary earth mineral complex, medicinal grade whole young pearl mucolitic nutrients, Vital Organic Water concentrate, Biocean isotonic, dragon's blood, clove, Japanese peppermint, Japanese ginger, dokudami flower and fresh juice, Japanese mustard, colloidal silver

Directions: Take 8-12 drops (depending on desired strength) after brushing with Shen Blossom Tooth Care System and swish allowing the saliva to build in the mouth for 3-5 minutes. When finished, spit and rinse with water.

Volume: 30ml (1 fl. oz.)



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Customer Reviews

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Victoria Krossgaatt

This products definitely makes my teeth appear whiter! I used it for a while but ran out and I could truly see a difference when I reintroduced the pearl rinse back into my regime. I feel like it mineralize my teeth as well. Highly recommend.

Stephen Clarke
Tightens Gum tissues

This product is just phenomenal. It tightens gum tissues and helps to give your teeth a beautiful appearance. I'm always receiving compliments about how beautiful my teeth are. Thank God for great teeth and for the quality of the Shen blossom products. I just ordered a couple more bottles.


This is the best tasting mouth rinse I've ever tried! The flavor is perfectly minty and refreshing, and it makes my mouth feel so good after swishing for several minutes. It feels protective and remineralizing. Even though the directions say to use 8-12 drops, I've found that 4-5 drops is actually perfect and very effective!


This Pearl Mouth Rinse from Shen Blossom is the perfect way to freshen your breath for hours! It’s very potent and fresh so a little bit goes a long way. Can’t say enough to how fresh tasting this stuff is.