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Plant Based Collagen and Vitamin C in Perfect Harmony

Potent-C is a unique formula that combines the body regenerating qualities of collagen peptides with the collagen synthesizing, enzyme activating effects of whole food vitamin C.

Our collagen is derived from a combination of fermented seaweeds, which provide the body with highly absorbable peptides that the body utilizes to reverse skin aging, build muscle, burn fat, and rejuvenate connective tissue.

One challenge with typical seaweed extracts is that they have a very cold energy and can cause cramping in people, which can inhibit the utilization and absorption of beneficial nutrients. This is where bovine sourced collagen has had the upper hand in bio-availability of collagens, due to its warm nature. Until now.

Photo of purple slug seaweed before fermentation process

Purple slug seaweed before fermentation process

Image of Seaweed after the fermentation process

Image of seaweed after the fermentation process

Whole Food Vitamin C

Enter vitamin C.

Our vitamin C formula is unusual in the sense that it is very spicy compared to the typical sour notes that are common in whole food or food based vitamin C. Food based vitamin C contains some food sourced C, and is blended with synthetic vitamin C to assist with the absorption. We only use pure whole food vitamin C that we process ourselves, to ensure the utmost quality.

That warm/hot energy does well to balance out the cold nature of the seaweed and really helps with the biosynthesis of the collagen from the seaweed, creating a high performing and potent, plant based collagen powder.

The benefits of natural, whole food vitamin C are vast, as it is a key vital substance not only to help with the biosynthesis of collagen, but also to support fundamental processes including:

  • Manufacturing of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol
  • Electron transporter which benefits the electron transport chain
  • Protecting skin and tissue against radiation damage
  • Protection of the blood vessels
  • Antioxidant
  • Immune system function
  • Proper functioning of the nervous system and the brain

Synergistic Formula for Maximum Absorption

As with other formulas that we create, we focus on the harmony of the ingredients and how they work as a synergistic whole.

We select ingredients that not only protect the cells, but also protect the nutrients in your formula from breaking down, adding stability to shelf-life which delivers stability to our daily lives.

These "hot" vitamin C elements are combined with premium grade frankincense resin, in such a way as to multiply its already legendary effects. Adding rosemary into the mix further increases the potential of carrying these synergized nutrients through the blood brain barrier. Vitamin C is present and concentrated in the brain more than any other organ in the body. Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) has been shown to be delivered into the cells via specific glucose transport molecules. Vitamin C, which is used by the cells in the form of ascorbic acid, is converted by the body into DHA and transported into the cell. Once inside the cell, the body will then convert the DHA into ascorbic acid.

This process allows the vitamin C to cross the blood brain barrier and act at the absorption site similar to what you would find on a liposomal vitamin C, but without the lipid fraction, which can commonly become rancid during transport and storage (see complete ingredient list below).

People tend to focus on milligrams or specific dosage parameters, often without considering how efficient and natural the source of vitamin C is.

We have selected herbs that have naturally occurring vitamin C, and we utilize proprietary traditional methods to preserve the integrity of the vitamin C to maximize its bio-availability and effectiveness in the body. Combined with the collagen elements from the seaweeds, this formula works on many different levels in the body, and is an essential, foundational formula intended for daily use.

Potent-C's Net Benefits

  • Supports skin and tissue health
  • Improves circulation to the brain, aiding in cognitive support and alertness
  • Boosts immune system against cold, flu, and viruses
  • Supports gut health and cellular integrity
  • Provides a plant based alternative to animal collagens
  • Provides fundamental nutrients for overall health and well being

Photo of some of the seaweeds used in Potent-C

Some of the seaweeds used in Potent-C

Potent-C Ingredients

Collagens from fermented seaweed, Green unripened umeboshi plum, Rosemary, Sigiri Berry (Japanese gooseberry), Frankincense, Shishito pepper, Kumquat whole fruit (fruit and peel), Lemon peel and pith, Bitter tangerine, Amla berry, Schizandra berry, Hungarian paprika, Japanese wood sorrel, Watercress, Matsuba (Pine needle)

Grams per container: 50

Recommended Dosage/Use: Due to the high absorbability and conversion in the body, we recommend 1/4 tsp 1-3 times a day as needed. We also recommend taking this straight into your mouth and chasing it with water. Expect a spicy kick!


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I feel confident that I'm getting whole C with this product- much better than a fragmented one-plus collagen and all the other good ingredients are a bonus all working together!
Becky Palmer

Kristen Wise
The best I've ever used

Absolutely love this vitamin C! Like others, I've been using this with the Green MSM. It's been about three months now, and I've definitely seen a difference, not only from an immune perspective, but also in general (physical function/movement, nails, skin,...). The combination is incredible! I add this to my smoothies, or I mix it with a citrus juice. Thank you so much!!

Victoria Krossgaatt
Collagen boosting

This combined with the green msm has really made a great impact on my skin and nails. One of my nails used to curve downward so I always had to cut it at a specific length, but it finally grows straight :) My complexion is also much better than before. Highly recommend this product!

Betty Mantz

I love this product. I feel it in my energy boost and believe it’s also great for digestion. Im committed to using it daily.


I love this product. After only a week, I noticed a wonderful difference in my energy. Thank you!