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Pregnancy Bundles
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Our prenatal bundles are designed to nourish the expecting mother, so she has everything she needs to grow a healthy and thriving baby. Whether you are getting a bundle for yourself, or a woman that you love, you can rest assured that the quality and well rounded nutrition we supply in both of our prenatal bundles is going to set Mom and baby up for a wonderful pregnancy and fourth trimester.

Many people tend to heavily focus on supplementation during pregnancy and think the diet doesn’t matter so much as long as they are taking all the recommended nutrients in supplement form. We believe that focusing on food first, then adding targeted and strategic supplementation, is what creates true health. This is because food in its natural form contains a complex and diverse array of nutrients in the proper forms needed for optimal health, along with co-factors to increase absorption and maintain a balanced nutritional status. 

Our specialized full spectrum extracts are far more useful to the body than traditional isolated synthetic prenatal supplements. We deep dive into the world of prenatal vitamins in this blog, so if you are curious about the difference between what we have to offer and what you can find on the commercial market for prenatal care, we highly suggest you read it!  We know exactly where the herbs in our formulas are grown. We know that they are harvested at the proper time in the correct way, and hand processed appropriately to maintain the vital force of the plant.

We take great care to transform the plants in a way to create potent and effective extracts that nourish the mind, body, and spirit, while maintaining a level of vibrancy and character that is simply not available anywhere else. These bundles were curated from our line of products with Mama and baby in mind.

The first bundle is the Mama Glow bundle. It provides the strong foundational support a mother needs throughout the entire pregnancy and beyond. Included in this bundle are the Green Elements, Rice Sprouts Powder, and the Kazumi Seaweed Powder.

GREEN ELEMENTS • Give your growing baby ultimate nutrition with immune tonic herbal extracts, whole food support, pre-digested photo-nutrition, algae and sea vegetables, sprouted seed nutrients, purifying herbs and blood support, and essential protectors. All this without any sweeteners, flavoring agents, fillers, excipients, or flow agents.. simply the pure flavors of the freshly prepared ingredients.

Guidelines for use: 1/4 tsp 2x daily

KAZUMI • Escort heavy metals out of the body and away from baby. Provides trace minerals essential to proper cellular function and supports hormone sensitive glands. Supports immune health, purifies the blood, and improves digestion.

Guidelines for use: Eat as much as you like. 

RICE SPROUTS • Super tasty and rich in nutrients, this whole food powder that builds a healthy immune system, balances blood sugar, supports hormones, promotes optimal muscle growth and aids in longevity. This is full spectrum rice nutrition and 100% bioavailable. Just 2 Tbsp of Rice Sprouts is equivalent to approximately 20 lbs of rice nutrition!

Guidelines for use: Eat on a spoon, in a smoothie, or in warm water as often as you like!

Second is the Mama Bliss bundle, and it is a compilation of Shen Blossom formulas that supply ultimate nourishment to mama and baby. It includes all three items in the Mama Glow bundle, as well as our Satori Medicinal Mushroom formula, Goji Extract, Midnight Minerals, and Black Gome Seed Butter. 

SATORI • Treat yourself and growing baby to a daily total immune support routine with a fresh supply of powerful anti-oxidants. Improve respiratory, digestion and cardiovascular functions. Calm and soothe anxiety while at the same time harmonizing nerves for better transmission and mental function.

Guidelines for use: 1-4 caps daily

GOJI BERRY EXTRACT Provide both mother and child with high levels of anti-oxidant rich nutrients to help boost their immune systems while also protecting the body from inflammation. Goji supports,, protects and promotes healthier skin. Strengthen the kidney and lungs while also supporting your bodies blood sugar levels. Improves digestion.

Guidelines for use: 10-12 drops 2-3x daily


MIDNIGHT MINERALS • Achieving a deeper, more restful sleep for an expecting mother helps fuel and reset the brain thus helping you wake up feeling fresh and alert. Develop new neural net connections, balance kidney function, hydrate and mineralize the brain.

Guidelines for use: 1/4 tsp right before bed with water

WILD BLACK GOME SEED BUTTER • Food cravings don't have to be unhealthy. This black gome seed butter is packed with the nutrition that's needed to build strength and vitality in the body, and it is super craveworthy.

Guidelines for use: Eat it right off the spoon or add it to smoothies, salad dressings or soup.


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