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Our Protect Cough Syrup utilizes the herbal potency and formulation of our classic Protect Throat Spray formulas. Modified slightly to transform your formula into an incredibly unique syrup, it is perfect for soothing your sore throat, coughs, cold/flu, or for a general immune boost.

  • Immune system function and healthy immune response
  • Recovery from infection or illness
  • Dry or phlegmy cough, cold, and flu symptoms
  • Allergies and histamine response
  • Overall energy levels

This syrup is made with fermented barley as a base, which is low glycemic and acts as a great prebiotic nutrient source, supporting intestinal health while improving digestion.

We tweaked the original Protect formula to include platycodon root, istatis root, and honeysuckle flower to help manage inflammation and fever in the head, throat and lungs, while also reinforcing the anti-pathogen aspects.

Photo of Protect Cough Syrup on wooden stick

Our cough syrup is actually very thick, and has a substantial staying power in the throat, in comparison to cough syrups that are watered down both herbally and in consistency.

This cough syrup is masterfully crafted in small batches with care and attention, using herbs that are wild-crafted and organic for purity and potency.

How to use: Take 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon as desired. We find it easiest to dip a chopstick into the jar, as seen in the above photo. This will give you a good dose. Intended for use every couple hours until symptoms subside.

You can also mix this syrup into hot water and inhale the aromatic steam that is produced, followed by drinking as a tea.

Ingredients: Fermented barley syrup, platycodon root, istatis root, honeysuckle flower, mustard seed tops, chives, winter hollow, garlic toe and pearl, heshiko onions, red and white scallions, garlic chives, Japanese and American ginger, Japanese mint root, shiso, thyme, basil flowers (when in season), yellow and green wasabi, huajiao, yarrow root, echinacea flower, gouja, itadoru.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Effective for cough and allergies!

This is such a must have product in my medicine cabinet. I first bought it for my spouse who was coughing really badly during covid, this syrup was so soothing to the throat for him. The flavor is a natural version and less intense version than your over the counter cough syrup actually. I usually hate those but this one is pleasant. It gives an instant opening up your breathing right away. I also an allergy sufferer that could lead to asthma. This is the one I would reach for when I felt like there is mucus in my lungs. So useful for that. I could feel that my allergy lessening gradually pretty quickly as I take this. Will repurchase!

Karen L Meece

I bought this about a year ago as a medicine cabinet 'in case of cold' standby. I got the cold and now I'm at the end when the cough gets rough and talking can start a coughing spell. Itchy throat, it's just not any fun~ This syrup changes everything! I'm so Thankful I bought it and had it on hand. I trust all Shen Blossom products but this one I will never be without! I dip a clean tooth pick in the syrup to keep it sanitary and that gives me all I need.

Soothing Cough Relief!

I put @ 1tsp Protect syrup in a coffee mug and run water only through my Keurig machine. An easy way to get throat-soothing relief and an immune boost!
All of your products are extremely high-quality and effective.