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Protect and Fortify

Protect is a formula designed to perform when you need it most.

Protect is formulated to work while you are experiencing acute symptoms of a cold or flu, yet it is balanced enough to be taken to boost your immune system in a preemptive wellness strategy or as a daily immune tonic.

Protect is a formula you want in your herbal medicine cabinet when you need it.

This potent formula supports the body in restoring balance when energy is depleted and we are feeling sick.

Many natural immune formulas work to build your immune system, yet do very little when you are feeling really ill and require relief fast.

Protect is your go-to formula you can count on if you are under the weather or stressing your immune system with overwork, traveling, and being in environments where you become more susceptible to pathogens.

As with all Shen Blossom formulas, Protect is balanced according to 5 element theory, and all ingredients are harvested with their energetic signatures and healing properties in mind.

What is different about Protect?

Supports the whole body while addressing the symptoms-

Some products are very aggressive and can burn out various pathogens, yet they can be very inflammatory to the healthy tissues and may not address the underlying weakened organ systems that were initially compromised. This results in the body falling ill to an invading organism.

Protect works to fight off pathogens while simultaneously strengthening the organ systems, nourishing and protecting all the immune and elimination pathways. This formula is a combination of mostly food herbs and therapeutic medicinal herbs. It is extremely safe, with no worries of side effects.

Results you can feel with the first spray-

You can feel Protect go to work immediately. It moves up and through the sinus cavity while coating the throat, reducing pain, and instantly going to work on helping you feel better fast.

This cold water sake extract is highly beneficial. It gets better with age, and adds another dynamic of supporting healthy flora levels, providing prebiotic and probiotic elements.

Due to the living quality of the sake or apple cider vinegar depending on the formula, nutrients are more effectively delivered in a completely different way than your average solvents, leading to a higher degree of cellular coherence and proper signaling to the cells and metabolic/enzymatic functions of the body. This results in a far more effective extract that produces better results faster. When the quality level is higher, you require much less and gain far more benefits.


Allergies: Protect can be used at the onset of allergies, to protect the body. It helps open the lungs, allowing for relief while also countering histamine reactions.

Cold and Flu: Protect can be used in higher or more frequent doses to help with acute cold and flu symptoms.

Oral Hygiene: Protect can be applied to a toothbrush or sprayed in the mouth before brushing to balance the oral ecology. The mint root in this formula leaves your breath feeling fresh and the mind invigorated.

Topical Use: This formula can be sprayed on the skin and applied to bug bites. The drying and cooling nature helps with itching and irritation associated with insect bites. These formulas can also be used daily as a scalp tonic, which is really great for the prostaglandins and hair follicles.

Tea Inhalation: You can spray a couple sprays into a cup of hot water. Breathe in the aromatic oils through the nose to open up the sinuses, followed by drinking the tea, and experience your immune throat spray in a completely different way.

Differences Between Formulas

All three formulas work to ward off a wide variety of pathogens, and may be used in acute or tonic applications to strengthen and protect the immune system. Although one aspect of the having different formulas is the option for a different flavor, there are some key distinctions worth noting when selecting a formula:

Mint- Is more cooling and drying and has a more noticeable effect moving up through the sinus cavity, so it is really great for sinus congestion, stuffy nose and allergies. This is a great one to massage into the scalp after taking a shower while your hair is still damp, or using topically for any histamine response on the skin.

Garlic Thyme- This formula is more warming, and moves to the back of the throat and downwards with a lighter feel on moving up through the sinuses (although noticeable). This formula is a great heart and cardiovascular tonic with the higher concentrations of garlic. It also supports lung function, and the thyme adds a mild numbing effect to the back of the throat, so this formula works really well for throat conditions like strep throat, and may be used every 45 minutes for acute applications.

Turmeric- This formula improves circulation and supports detoxification, blood purification, and healthy inflammation response, while warding off pathogens and stimulating the immune system. This formula also has pain reducing qualities.

Mint Formula: A cold water sake extract of: Mustard Seed Tops, Chives, Winter Hollow, Garlic Toe and Pearls, Heshitico, Red Scallions, White Onions, Garlic Chive, Japanese and American Ginger, Japanese Mint Root, Shiso, Thyme, Basil Flowers, Yellow and Green Wasabi, Huajiao, Yarrow Root, Echinacea Flower, Gouja, Itadoru

Garlic Thyme Formula: Aged Minimum of 8 weeks; Mustard seed and tops, chive, winter hollow, garlic toe and pearl, heshitico, red scallions, white onions, garlic chives, Japanese and American ginger, shiso, thyme, basil flowers, yellow & green wasabi, raw apple cider vinegar, hua jiao Himalayan crystal salt

Turmeric Formula: turmeric, ginger, galangal root, black and white horseradish, burdock root, schizandra, wild carrot tops, wasabi, oregano, shiso leaf, lemongrass, garlic toe and pearl, garlic chive, hot pepper, thyme, hua jiao, unheated sea salt

How to Use:

Use 1 to 2 sprays on the back of the throat as needed. It is certainly safe for daily use for those experiencing chronic or systemic infections or weakened immunity.

It is also recommended for travel, or when the body is under considerable stress and exposed to new environments.

For acute conditions, you may use 1-2 sprays every hour until symptoms subside.

Servings Per Bottle: 45

Please consult your health practitioner before using any new herbal formula.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Love it!!

Cheryl Jack
This is the stuff that should be in every medicine cabinet...

I purchased this prior to a trip for a conference where I would be around several hundred people and working closely with the choirs. I noticed when something seemed to try to flair up on the roof of my mouth that this squelched it hands now. I think I had one day when there was a little irritation at the back of my throat. Two squirts and it didn't bother me for long.

The big test I knew it would pass is that I have an elderly friend who I never thought was that old but she is in her 80s and suffers from recurrent respiratory issues. Well she missed services on week and was there this past week. She could sing and didn't feel like standing. She also was having coughing spells. I told her that I had something in the car that could help and she told me that she had cough lozenges. Well, after that. I went out and fetched it from the car. She took two non-robust squirts and I watched her: she barely had a cough for the next two hours. I mentioned that to her and she said, "Wow, I know." So I showed her the bottle and told her how much it cost. She wanted to order some but I saw no reason not to gift it to her since she NEEDED it now. I received an email the next day from her and she stated Protect saved her life. I used the Mint version and am back today to get another along with Tumeric. This is some mighty powerful stuff. Thanks for making it and really being a game changer for my friend.

Matthew Van Norman
Great product

Bought it for my sister in law. Really helped her out.

Ninniku Immune System Formula

Excellent Product!!!

Meranda Gann

I simply love this mint protect spray! Staple product for sure.