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Ginseng is a slow growing perennial with fleshy roots that often resemble the shape of a human body. This long sought after herb is worth many times its weight in gold for raw roots harvested from peaceful, pristine environments.

Modern research has confirmed a plethora of benefits that ancient cultures have known about for centuries. Research has proven that ginseng root is an adaptogen that regulates and normalizes physiochemical reactions and processes in the body.

Ginseng has been observed to:

Improve Memory - Improving mental work capacity and working memory, ginseng has powerful neuroprotective, apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

Stimulate the Immune System - Ginseng can help boost immunity, helping your body to prevail over stress that can lead to possible down time, therefore strengthening the whole system and fortifying your first line of defense against stress and immune collapse. With consistent use, Ginseng builds overall immune resilience.

Support Heart Health - It is anti-hypertensive, and helps to regulate and strengthen normal cardio function and can help to reduce stress that directly affects heart communication and vitality. It also helps strengthen the vessels and tissues of the body.

Protect Healthy Cells - Ginseng helps reduce oxidative stress to all the major cells in the body, thus improving overall DNA communication. Ginseng is anti-inflammatory and helps to repair and regenerate various misaligned cells, bringing balance to the cellular structure of the body.

Balance and Increase Hormones - Properly prepared and extracted ginseng balances and regenerates hormones and increases androgen levels. This has been shown to help normalize sexual dysfunction, and to support balance associated with natural age-related hormone decline. We use a traditional cold water sake extract containing minimal levels of alcohol, so there are no worries regarding estrogen levels that are created with the chemical reaction between the ginseng roots and the high alcohol/ethanol (25-60% alcohol BV) typically used in mainstream ginseng extract production.

Premium Anti-Aging Longevity Tonic

Ginseng has the ability to store information from the environment and hold it for the life of the plant. If the ginseng plant is allowed to mature and live for many years in a pristine and peaceful environment, it will then be able to pass on the qualities of peace and vitality, and impart the wisdom gained from decades of adapting to an ever-changing landscape.

Younger ginseng roots tend to be too hot and stimulating for most people, yet if they are allowed to mature, they develop a unique and profound effect of invigorating the body in a balanced way that you simply have to experience to appreciate.

We source well matured roots that are handled with care, and we make sure that the harvesting and transformation of your roots does not disturb the balance of the surrounding environment. We have a very high respect for this plant, and we are proud to source some of the most character rich traditionally extracted ginseng available. We take a lot of care to make sure that the harvesting, extracting and packaging supports your ginseng in a pristine way as it travels to you.

We store your ginseng in double walled miron glass, nestled in an available earth element like roasted barley, tea, or rice (which we hope you consume and enjoy). This earth element helps ginseng to feel at home, and protects it to the highest possible degree as it travels to you.

Root nourishes the development of our own root, and supports our vitality. It helps us to feel balanced, strong and clear, connecting us to our still point when nature and circumstances inevitably change. Root is a reminder that in nature and stillness, we can connect to our inner strength and well being.


Caring For Your Root Extract

Waking up your Root: Ginseng does not like to be vigorously shaken, so when waking your Root, gently roll the bottle in a vortex motion between the palms of your hands.

Please keep the black cap provided if you choose to store your root long term. It is best not to keep the pipette in the ginseng when stored for long periods of time, due to the slight amount of oxygen that becomes trapped inside. If consuming the root daily, you may keep the pipette in the bottle.

Dosage: Place 8-10 drops under your tongue for 60-90 seconds. Due to the special handling and extraction your root undergoes, you will require far less quantity to obtain desirable results than are typically recommended by companies who over process their herbs.

Servings per bottle: Approximately 45

Ingredients: Full spectrum traditional sake extract of authentic, mature, untamed, full spirited ginseng root


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Everything about this Ginseng is amazing. The aroma, the taste, and effect is top notch. I feel a very calming sort of focus effect that allows me to handle whatever may come that day with ease. Truly can feel the benefits. Definitely will get again as this is a great price point for such quality. Thanks!!!

Noralie Jennings-Voigt

I have to say this ginseng is so smooth. I take in the morning and as suggested I take a few moments and connect with its essence. My energy level gets up and running, but not in a chaotic way. I liked how it was double packed, with the packing material something you could drink as a tea! It would be nice if the ginseng was offered in a little bit larger quantity.

Ronald Rios

Let me just say, that I already ordered three bottles of the ginseng already. It's that good. It's not that often that you come by a product that gives you what it states, this is that product. I have a somewhat stressful job, as with any jobs out there you're going to need some downtime, and what you do and what you take determines the quality of that downtime. This Ginseng it's quality stuff, there's times that I just can't wait to go home and use it, now there were times that I went ahead and had a few drinks.. beer, wine etc to get me wound down, and there was a period where I felt a little relaxed , but drink after drink I somewhat got the in to that "hell with my job attitude" I wasn't relaxed anymore, I didn't feel what I wanted or needed to feel. Now how I came about using this product is another story, but let's just say I don't get in those moods anymore, I just follow the instructions, easiest directions in the world. I really can't find the words that could give this product its justice, And the side effects are a plus, other stimulants and relaxants don't give you those type of side effects. I use it once before I go to work, and once when I get home. ( hence the three bottles I bought already ). Don't take this the wrong way, but you're in another world when you use this stuff, what I'm saying is a peaceful type of world, a manageable type of world. Please, if you're under any type of stressful situation, you have to try this. Just wish I had this Genseng after my knee operation a year or so ago, because I was under a lot of depression and anxiety, I wasn't able to do anything or go anywhere because of it. Bottom line, this is quality, this is pure, This is what it says it is. Try it for yourself . Thx


This stuff is First Class!