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The world's most highly regarded tonic herbal adaptogen just got better!

Our Schizandra Pure Traditional Sake Extract represents a new standard in quality, purity, flavor, and potency.

This new version is a major upgrade over the previous version as it uses a premium grade, traditional sake combined with traditional Japanese style preparations. Also, the full spectrum active nutrients are 8 times more concentrated that that of the old Schizandra Pure extract. 

Our Schizandra Pure extract effectively supports:

  • Inflammation
  • Liver detoxification and purification
  • Increased intracellular glutathione levels
  • Protection from extremes of hot and cold
  • Anti-aging at the cellular level
  • Mental clarity and energy
  • Digestion
  • Hydration
  • Beauty
  • Circulation
  • Physiochemical adaptation
  • Hormones
  • Immune system
  • Wake and sleep patterns
  • Homeostasis

Simplify with Schizandra

When it comes to adaptogens, schizandra ranks at the top of the list. Many master herbalists agree that if they had to choose one herb with the maximum amount of benefits that would support and nourish their body and "cover all the bases", schizandra would be the one.

Why is our schizandra better?

Simple. Our schizandra enjoys higher quality soil, a clean growing environment, and is hand-harvested. Our berries are grown to the highest standards, with care and attention.


Our Proprietary Sake Extract 

Traditional Hand Stirred Sake

We use a traditional sake extract that is more "alive" than other forms of alcohol with the base being high mountain spring water and organic Japanese rice. It contains pre and probiotic elements stemming form the natural koji that makes for an incredible mouth feel and ultimate preservation of the nutrients that are often destroyed with more aggressive alcohols or solvents. 

Full Spectrum Nutrient Profile 

Our sake extract contains all the water, fat, and alcohol soluble fractions of the fruit and seed. Since the cell wall is cracked through the extraction process, all the nutrients are released and made available, making it a breeze for the body to digest and absorb all the life supporting and energizing qualities of schizandra berry.

Then we take it further...

We believe in preserving the vibrancy and the potency of our herbs, and we realize that most of the extracts (powder or liquid) are highly processed to achieve amazing concentration levels of the product.

Sounds good, right?

Interestingly, when an herb is over processed, it loses key co-factors, which reduces cellular resonance in the body. Simply put, the body does not recognize it in the same way as if all the nutrients, flavors, and co-factors are present in the correct ratio.

Our extract contains micronized particles of the fruit and seed. This means that it contains the powerful lignans that have been shown to support healthy inflammation and liver health.

Nature organizes everything together in a specific way. If we work with nature, and process our herbs in a way that is gentle and protective of the herb, then we achieve outstanding results. We create an extract that is powerful by the drop and energizes all the organ systems, just as the classic herbal texts teach.

Since our liquid extract contains all the 5 flavors (sour, salty, bitter, pungent, sweet), it tonifies all the systems in the body, aiding as a whole body adaptogen.

Chart of schizandra benefits

Dosage and recommendations:

Dose: 15 drops 

Full dose - Use 15 drops under tongue or in warm water/juice 1-2 times daily.

Start with less and work your way up to a full dose.

Doses per container: 30-60 depending on frequency of use

Ingredients: Full spectrum schizandra berry extract 8:1 proprietary extract

Other Ingredients: Traditionally hand stirred sake (alcohol 22% by volume)

Contraindications: Do not consume this schizandra product if pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not consume if experiencing acute symptoms, such as a cold or flu.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Connie Snider

I decided to try this product after listening to Brandon Amalani speak during a radio show. All I can say is WOW!!! This product is truly a gift from God. I have struggled with OCD and anxiety most of my life. Recently, I have been in the peri-menopause stage of life, and due to other significant stressors in my life, my anxiety level reached an all-time high, and I was also enduring mood swings and significant bouts of depression. My doctor suggested that I start taking Zoloft again at a higher dose. It helped some, but my negative symptoms were still very strong. Then I tried this Schisandra product. I was hopeful yet skeptical since I am a scientist. I can honestly say that from the moment I tasted it, my mood began to lift. I thought this was simply a placebo effect, so I had my family members try it. They also noticed the positive effects. My husband and I have taken it for a few weeks now, and we never want to go without it! It gives us instant energy, it clears our thinking, and it enables us to live life through a positive lens. No pharmaceutical product has ever given us positive results like this. There is SO much healing power in nature! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for this product!!!

Jennifer Van Meter
I can feel it

This product is amazing. It works on me by almost completely relieving my feelings of stress. I thought magnesium was doing a good job with my stress but adding this was the icing on top. I like that it has a lot of other liver and hormonal supporting benefits as well. I plan on keeping this as a staple to my supplement regimen.

Victoria Krossgaatt
Happiness-boozter :-)

I am really impressed by this product. I´ve only been taking this tincture for about two weeks but I´ve already had tremendeous results when it comes to my mood. I´ve struggled with terrible mood swings daily for several years and also struggled with depression from time to time. After starting with this schizandra my mood has been stable and my mind much calmer. I feel happier on a day-to-day basis and I´m so grateful for Shen Blossom and their incredible products :-) The effect was subtle and not noticeably at first but was definitely there from the start. I just didn´t realize at first because I was feeling so happy and content. In other words; this is a really powerful product :-) 10/10!

I love this stuff!!

Schisandra extract from Shen Blossom was strongly recommended to me by a friend. It's one of the highest quality products on the market. A great all-around adaptogen that helps fight burnout and stress when I'm on the go. Try it!


I feel more clarity, focus and energy when I use this but not like coffee which can give me jitters. I really like that it is organic and grown here in the USA. I use about half the recommended dose. Thanks for putting out a great product. The bottle is dark and opaque making it difficult/ impossible to see when you are getting low though. Great stuff.