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Sea 7 Flush is a 7-day gastrointestinal tract cleanse that sweeps the digestive tract, removing unwanted debris while helping to dissolve mucous and plaque buildup.

Sea 7 Flush can also be used to relieve occasional constipation, on an as-needed basis.

Importance of gastrointestinal health

The G.I. tract is vitally important to overall health, as it is where we are exposed to organisms that could potentially undermine health and it is how we absorb water, nutrients, and minerals. Not only does the gut break down the foods and drinks we consume, the G.I. tract also synthesizes vitamins that are distributed throughout the body, while also eliminating waste products.

Essentially, the health of the entire body is dependent on the optimal functioning of the digestive tract.

When one has a poor quality diet or poor eating habits, this can negatively impact and literally compact material in the digestive tract, which contributes to a sluggish colon and impaired intestinal function.

When bowel movements are irregular and compacted, it can lead to many issues, including:

  • Leaky gut
  • Bacterial, yeast, and parasite overgrowth
  • Weakened immunity
  • Skin conditions
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of mental clarity and focus
  • Reduced nutrient absorption

Sea 7 can easily be used by itself, or you can combine it with formulas like Mountain Detox and Aka Hinoki for a more comprehensive detox.

We recommend doing a Sea 7 flush as the seasons change, to better help our bodies adapt to the energetic impact that occurs with the transition of the seasons.

Photo of Sea 7 Flush capsules

How to use Sea 7 Flush

Each package comes with 49 capsules, which are taken over 7 days.

Start by taking 4 capsules at night before bed, with purified water that has fresh squeezed lemon juice in it.

Each night, follow the same protocol, except add 1 capsule a night for 7 nights.

For example:

Night 1: 4 caps

Night 2: 5 caps

Night 3: 6 caps

Night 4: 7 caps

Night 5: 8 caps

Night 6: 9 caps

Night 7: 10 caps

You might have a sensation in your stomach/abdomen, like you get when your stomach is growling as if you were really hungry, at night, which will subside as the G.I. tract is cleansed out.

You can expect a massive flushing bowel movement in the morning, and for some people this could happen more than once in the morning and usually tapers off during the late morning.

As one removes debris that need to be flushed out, the process is far more comfortable during future flushes.

It is recommended to eat a really clean diet during this 7 day period. Remember, healthy food itself is cleansing, so there is no need to fast for this cleanse. That being said, you can certainly do more fresh veggie juice and less bulky food if you desire.

Ingredients: Nigari extract, geranium leaf extract, yuzu extract, pearl milk

For a more comprehensive cleanse, we recommend adding Mountain Detox formula and Aka Hinoki to purify blood and tissues and to remove unwanted organisms.

Photo of Aka Hinoki and Mountain Detox products


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jen Lucas
Feeling great!

This was my first experience with this product but I'm feeling great after the cleanse! I'd never do one where you aren't eating so this was perfect plus it's made with quality, natural ingredients. I'm feeling really great and will definitely do this several times per year!

Erla Arnadottir
A Vital Purge

This is the truest cleanse I have ever done. It was extremely strong and powerful, and I am happy that I took the liberty to take the final few days of the cleanse off from work, since the detoxing was pretty intense at that point. I will be doing this again, but be more thoughtful about the food I consume whilst on it. I usually eat pretty clean, and ate well during the cleanse period, but regret not having really maximized the cleanse by avoiding sugar and dairy too. I look forward to buying this again soon!

Excellent results

Detoxification is generally not a pleasant experience. What I appreciated about this product is that I did not have to do any major dietary shifts or fasting while on the detox. A concern is that you have to disrupt your life/schedule for a time during the detox period. Not so with this product. Overall I felt lighter and healthier when it was all done and plan on doing this detox a few times per year. Great experience!

Jameson Siudut
.:{ YES ! }:.

Just say yes. We all need a routine cleanse , and upkeep of our temple we call the human body. There are many out there , and some pair nicely together. Stand alone , this is immaculate, coupled with a few other items and a liver flush the final day, talk about rebirth , potent flush and cleansing , yet envigorating and empowering,
Don’t let a little cleanse scare you, or to break some deep habitual patterns, if you have done one before, this is a great starting point, or if you have done many and are familiar, Defiently! Add this to your protocol

Rene Kehrwald

I found this flush easy to do since I could be home all morning. I was hoping for more dramatic results, or a feeling of lightness and energy (which I did feel for a couple hours on one day). I don't think this was the best product for me, since my bowel movements are still not back to normal after almost 3 weeks. I also took the Aka Hinoki and the Mountain Detox. I struggle with constipation and daily bloating, so I had hoped using these products together would really make a difference (even if only temporarily).