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He Shou Wu is a well known herb used regularly in the art of Asian herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This He Shou Wu formula is a balanced and potent blood tonic that supports:

  • Skin, Hair, and Nails
  • Strong Bones and Muscles
  • Strength and Vitality
  • Clear and Focused Mind
  • Brain Health
  • Kidneys
  • Immunity
  • Longevity

He Shou Wu formula is made using properly prepared He Shou Wu that is cooked for a minimum of 21 days in order to deactivate the liver toxic compounds naturally occurring in the root structure. We offer a truly non-toxic source of He Shou Wu typically not available on the market. We combine this with supporting herbs to build and nourish the blood, which gives you the best action and direction that He Shou Wu has to offer without being overly sticky in the body, which can happen with he shou wu or blood tonics.

Qi and blood are two fundamental aspects of TCM theory, and are important to understand in relation to human health.

Qi and blood are interconnected, yet have different qualities. It is said by some that blood is the same as qi, except that blood is more dense and Yin in its nature. The blood is known as the "mother of Qi" and points to the fact that Qi needs blood for nourishment, and is the material basis for Qi to be balanced in the body.

It is incredibly important for total body health that the blood is healthy and vital, so that the qi is nourished and can lead the blood through the body, bringing nourishment and health to all the organs and tissues.

Blood originates primarily from food essence, and the life essence associated with growth and development known as jing. The food we eat is transformed into food essence by the stomach and spleen, and then the spleen transports the food essence to be transformed into blood with help from the lungs and the heart.

Blood's primary roles are to nourish the tissue, keep the tissues of the body moist, and to circulate to the organs, skin, flesh, bones, and muscles.

Ingredients: Traditionally prepared sake extract of properly prepared he shou wu, mature ginseng root, fermented and hydrolyzed pearl, black reishi stem, shu di huang, sheng di huang, fu ling, goji seed and leaf, dong qui wei, wild black sesame seed, tu si zi, cherry fruit, wild yam.

How to take: Take 15 drops 2x daily.

Doses Per Container: 30-60 depending on frequency of use

Size: 30ml


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great Taste Powerful Invigorating Tonic

Been using for the last week right before bed and definitely feel the invigorating and test/libido boosting effects

Potent formula

This product is excellent - it exceeded my expectations! My skin is smoother and my hair has never looked better. I am also using the V.O.W drops and the C powder. I absolutely love this brand, and the quality of all the products I have tried. Highly recommended!

Celeste Lyans
I bought this to take away my grey hair

Yes it did- after a month it reduced my grey hair spots by estimated -95%. Im grateful for how it rejuvenated my body to relieve this symptom.


This product is of such high standards, Most Grateful for all the benefits i recieve.

Victoria Krossgaatt
Really helpful

I struggled with waking up 4-5 times every night to go to the bathroom but after getting this formula this issue has been resolved :-) I read that frequent urination could be becuase of poor kidney health according to TCM, so I definitely think this products helps with strenghtening the kidneys. I would rate this He Shou Wu 10/10 :-)