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The Chi Sun is an ultra-portable, cost effective, and unique energy device that is easily accessible to anyone who wants an energy tune up on-the-go. 
This unique device works well as a way to unwind at night before bed, or if you need a midday tune up to re-focus or recharge. Due to the unique signals transmitted from the Chi Sun, it helps the body to sync the organ systems with the natural circadian rhythm and to tune the DNA so the body becomes more self referential. Similar to how all the systems in the body require the rhythm of the sun in order to maintain internal balance and resonance for a cascade of hormonal and physiochemical processes, the Chi Sun creates a field that the body becomes in sync with, effectively tuning the energy field of the body, bringing about balance.

The Chi Sun combines sound/infrasound, light, and magnetic and gravitic signals with the principals of chaos (randomization) therapy (similar to the Chi palm).  This creates a highly randomized, multi-layered signal that tunes your cells and DNA to the consciousness field (zero-point potentiality), allowing the body to be more receptive to the life force energy all around it.
The Chi Sun essentially has two functions that run simultaneously. 
The first is a magnetic sound that tends to dissipate reactivities and anxieties that over the years cause our internal rhythm to become off balance. The second function is best described as a gravity light (gravito-magnetic) which causes the cells and energy field of the body to become more implosive, resonant and structured, which provides the experience of being more connected, grounded, put-together, present, and alive. People describe how they experience it in many ways, and most agree that it is a sense of increased presence in their body.

How To Use Chi Sun

Simply apply the Chi Sun for 15 minutes to anywhere on your body. To do this, push the button, the middle of the sun, twice until you hear the sound of birds in nature. Then apply the foam pad on the reverse side to any part of your body.

NOTE: If you are in public and don’t want others to hear the birds, simply push the button only once. This provides a white noise which is generally not noticeable to others and still activates the SunSong generation. The bird sounds work best for most people because they help us to visualize that we are immersed in the SunSong of Nature.

NOTE: If you are a “more is better” person, you can start with 15 minutes the first day, or even activate the Chi Sun throughout the day. You may notice some odd or uncomfortable sensations as your body goes to work eliminating the toxic accumulations of our technological lifestyle. However, if your approach is more “slow and cautious”, you might want to start with one minute the first day, move up to 5 minutes the second day, and sense the more gradual changes as your Presence gradually establishes greater dominion over your biological processes. Either approach works. Do what brings you joy.

Apply the Chi Sun for 15 minutes per day by pushing the button once in the middle of the silicone Sun for Silent Mode, or twice for Sound Mode, then apply the flat yellow foam surface to any part of the body (sunny side up).

Charge the Chi Sun by connecting its USB-C port to a USB charger. In 20-30 minutes, the charging light will turn from red to green. This indicates that the battery is fully charged, which provides about 80 fifteen-minute sessions.


The SunSong signal of the Chi Sun travels easily through natural fibers so it works great applied through cotton, flax, wool, or rayon. This means you can apply it through most clothing, or put it in your pocket. Synthetic fabrics tend to degrade the coherence of the SunSong signal, so be sure not to apply the Chi Sun through polyester, spandex or other synthetics.

The Wrong Way to Use the Chi Sun

The only wrong way to use the Chi Sun is not to use it. As an example, you might put it in the bottom drawer or in an old suitcase and find it years later. 

The Chi Sun is provided in a convenient carrying pouch, which also carries its included short USB-C charger so you can charge it anywhere you can find a USB socket. You may also want to purchase a longer cord or USB charger. USB-C is a very popular charging method, so you may already have two or three suitable chargers and cords in your home.

This pouch is made of materials that conduct the light wave, so you can activate the Chi Sun while it is still in the carrying pouch. Some find this more convenient than the Chi Sun itself, especially for application by holding in the hand. To apply to other parts of your body it is often most convenient to take it out of the carrying pouch and to apply its yellow foam pad directly to the body.


Battery Life
Lithium ion, 400 mAH
Sixty to Seventy (60-70) 15-minute Treatment Sessions per Charge


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