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Deer antlers are well respected natural substances that have been used in traditional folk herbalism for many centuries.

This vigorous and powerful animal's antlers contain all the mammalian tissue types, including bone, hair, skin, nerve, etc., and has a shocking growth rate of 1/4-1/2 inch of growth per day!

Deers naturally shed and regrow their antlers every year, which is astounding if you think about what makes up an antler. It is the equivalent of a human growing a finger back every year. It is no surprise that deer antler contains all the types of mammalian growth factors that support growth and regeneration of the body.

Many people think that only the tips of the antler have benefits, since the velvet tips tend to have a higher concentration of growth factors.

While the velvet tips certainly have immense value, we decided to take a more traditional approach and create 3 formulas that use different combinations of the different sections of the antler, to address the three areas of the body known as jiaos.

Velvet Pearl Varieties

Upper Jiao • Works on the upper part of the body, in the area of the head. This includes this brain, nervous system, eyes, conscious mind or heart, and helps to enliven the senses. It is lighter in flavor, and contains the highest concentrations of the velvet antler tips.

Middle Jiao • Works on the midsection of the body, and is our all around, most versatile formula. Containing a combination of velvet tips, as well as midsection and lower horn, it improves the flow between the upper and lower jiao. It also supports the liver, spleen, digestion and lung function, as well as strengthens the kidney and adrenal function. This formula contains all the sections of the antler, with an emphasis on the midsection and tips. If you had to pick one formula for consistent use, this one should be it.

Lower Jiao • Works on the lower section of the body, connected to one's essence and reproduction. It is rich in nourishment for the blood, and supports a strong healthy kidney system. This formula is great for reproductive health and sexual function, immunity, and longevity.

  • Healthy kidneys
  • Sharpening the mind and memory
  • Healthy energy levels
  • Fertility
  • Athletic performance and recovery
  • Bone strength
  • Bone marrow nourishment
  • Sexual energy
  • Joint health
  • Improved cell growth
  • Muscular development and strength

Properly produced, deer antler extracts may be one of the most prized longevity and rejuvenation herbs in the history of herbalism.

Many companies try to isolate the growth factor peptides and concentrate them in a high alcohol solution. This process of isolating the growth factors and removing the much needed co-factor elements not only degrades the efficacy and effect, but corrupts the essential structure, which can imbalance the body and cause unwanted effects like excess heat or inflammation response. It is also extremely wasteful of the valuable nutrition that this substance has to offer, and does not honor the effort put into the growth of the antler itself.

We produce our Velvet Pearl using traditional techniques with a proprietary twist, which yields an incredibly pure and effective extract that is not rancid or over processed like many velvet formulas on the market.

Due to the proprietary extraction method, the nutrients survive the digestive process much better than your average antler extract.

Holding the extract under your tongue for as long as you can, letting it dissolve into the body is ideal. The remaining material moves through your body in a clean way, and provides additional benefits through the body.

Our Velvet Pearl is of exceptionally high quality, and one you have to try for yourself to feel the difference.

Velvet Pearl (Upper Jiao) Ingredients: Proprietary preparation - Pure deer velvet tips and young pearl mucolitic nutrients in a cold water sake extract

Velvet Pearl (Middle Jiao) Ingredients: Proprietary preparation - Deer horn tips, velvet, and horn, black bamboo and sake vinegar, huang qi, root ginseng, she/sheng di huang, bai zhu, zhi gan cao, long pepper, zhi ke, schizandra, ginger leaf, white lady ginseng tails, pearl, zhi zi

Velvet Pearl (Lower Jiao) ingredients: Proprietary preparation - All parts of deer antler with special attention to encourage gelatinous portions in tip of base. black bamboo vinegar, black garlic, goji leaf/flower/stem/bark/berry/root, cat's claw, bai ji li, niu xi, pearl



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