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Coffee. The incredibly popular beverage that millions of people around the world consume daily to start their day off motivated and focused. Whether or not people drink coffee, you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't know what coffee is, or hasn't tried it. Yet many people never consider the quality of the coffee they consume, or what effects the coffee of questionable quality will have on their body.

Commercial Coffee Mold Toxins and Roasting Standards

Most commercially and organically grown coffee contains mold spores that create mycotoxins that can have negative effects on the body if one consumes or inhales it regularly. Although roasting may kill the mold, it is not effective at removing mold toxins, like Ochratoxin A. Low doses of multiple mold toxins consumed over a long period of time can certainly have unwanted effects. Ensuring you have a coffee that is free of mold toxins will keep you healthy as you consume this popular beverage.

Additionally, most coffee beans are roasted in automatic roasters, using gas as the main fuel for the heat. Obtaining a well rounded and even roast with machines is very tricky, and usually is not the optimal method for producing a perfectly even roast. Not only that, coffee is often over-roasted or burnt in attempts to hide the poor quality of the bean.

Japanese Coffee Beans whole and ground

Our Japanese Coffee

As with all things we do here at Shen Blossom, we wanted to offer a coffee bean that is truly outstanding and in a class of its own. From how and where it is grown, harvest and roasting techniques, preparation, and how quickly it gets to you in small batches, we are committed to our standards.

We source our heirloom coffee from one of the oldest coffee cultivation areas in Japan, the Ogasawara Islands. Chichijima is known as the first place in Japan to grow coffee, which is preserved to this day by a family that continues to steward the land and grow incredible quality coffee. This small farm cultivates 1200 heirloom coffee trees, which are each roughly 2 meters tall and date back to 1878. The farm only has a limited coffee crop of about 200 kilos each year.

Washed AND Natural

Usually coffee is either washed, or what is considered natural. Natural allows the coffee beans to ferment with the fruit still on the bean, whereas the washed method strips the beans away from most of the fruit leaving a slight bit of pulp for the fermentation process.

Our coffee provides the best of both worlds, as it is lightly dredged with mountain spring water, as to not be a full traditional wash. In this way, we don't lose all of the deeper notes, while still gaining some bright berry notes.

The producers interpret what parts need to be dredged with water and what parts don't in order to create the best balance, so it is both washed, and natural.

This coffee has a reputation for its mild taste and the unique, old world style of roasting the beans.

Whole Japanese Coffee Beans

Unique Traditional Roasting Methods

As we mentioned before, most coffee, whether small or large batch produced, typically uses some sort of gas to create heat, and uses machines to tumble the beans in order to apply the heat for roasting. Our coffee is especially unique, as our heirloom coffee is roasted according to old world methods that we feel has a really good effect on the coffee, both nutritionally and from a connoisseur perspective.

The heat to roast our coffee beans comes from cherry wood, which heats a large stone roaster, and is hand stirred in order to get a complete and even roast on all the beans individually.

This stone roasting technique adds a level of mineralization and infrared energy that greatly enhances the flavor and aroma of the bean.

The skill to perfectly roast this by eye, considering the changing environmental atmospheric conditions, and to be able to feel and know how and when to move the beans to produce this level of quality is incredible and cannot be replicated by a machine.

Japanese Coffee Beans in grinder

Using natural materials, and roasting skills and techniques passed down, this coffee is truly one of a kind, and is a rare treat for those who desire the perfect cup of pure coffee.

Ground Japanese Coffee Beans in portafilter

Roast type

Out of all the possible roast styles, we decided to go with a roast that would work well in espresso machines or in a filter drip style, depending on how you grind your beans. This versatile roast is a great all-around daily coffee for those who are looking for purity and dynamic flavor produced using traditional methods in small batches.

Extracting Japanese Coffee Beans

Freshness is Key

We want to make sure this coffee arrives to you as fresh as possible, so if you see that we are out of stock, make sure to sign up on the product page to be notified when we have new batches ready to go.

Recommended Herbal Support For Coffee Drinkers

We recommend that if you drink coffee on a regular basis, you will want to supplement with our Green Elements Formula, as well as medicinal mushroom formulas like our coffee alternative Cophie, or our Adapt formula to support the kidneys and adrenals.

Ingredients: 12oz Whole Heirloom Japanese Coffee Beans


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

Customer Reviews

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Gwen Colgan
Best Coffe

We make our coffee w/ a french press. Normally we drink organic, no toxins, low acid, low caffeine (naturally grown) ... it is good, just a bit bland.
Now for this coffee: I made this Japanese coffee w/ our french press, and without prompting, my husband said it was the best coffee he's had in years. (He rarely compliments, so when he does, it's honest.)

We both loved it. No bitterness, very smooth, the quality is obvious. And extremely enjoyable knowing it is healthy & safe. This is becoming our Sunday morning coffee treat.